Enabling Beta

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This is a guide on how to enable Populous BETA, using the matchmaker.

Beta Features

  • The removal of glitches, bugs and other problems that could be found on the original game
  • The possibility of playing with or without custom features (such as dismantle on/off; blast trick on/off; disabling pause; etc...)
  • The Populous Beta allows 8 player games (the 4 new tribes being Cyan, Pink, Black and Orange)
  • Having AI on multiplayer games - COOP vs AI being possible (Beta map pack "War of the Gods", having a max of 2 humans teaming up)
  • A new Populous World Editor for 8 tribes
  • New scripting possibilities (LUA scripting...)
  • More player options (such as Key Mappings; Game Tips; Swapping between languages; etc...)


  • 1: On the matchmaker chat, type !beta

  • 2: Wait some seconds while beta downloads/updates

  • 3: Once the message Updates Completed or No updates available is shown, the BETA was downloaded. The populous directory (place where Populous game is installed) should now have more files

  • 4: On the matchmaker, go to settings -> Populous -> and tick Beta

  • 5: Now Beta is enabled, and you can host a 8p game, or COOP vs AI (map pack "War of the Gods")


  • This steps are required for hosting a BETA game - but not for joining a BETA hut. Upon being launched, even if the Populous version you have ticked is 1.01 instead of BETA (on the settings), the matchmaker will install/update your BETA and, after some seconds, launch you
  • Most beta levels are still under "test maps".
  • Only 1 COOP vs AI campaign has been released. The pack is called "War of the Gods" and can be played as solo (blue tribe), or as a team (blue + red tribes).
  • You can manually download the latest BETA build here, and even report bugs.
  • Run the matchmaker as admin, in case some errors appear when enabling beta.

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