Dragon Team

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One Of the Leading clans in Populous: The Beginning leading Multiplayer matchmaker Populous Reincarnated.

Dragon Team
Dragon Team
Members : Matrix, Pig, Natsuhiboshi, Pianoman, Baseline Security, Keemo, DeathsRHM, DrDre, Aspire, Fredrick, Danzence, Suleiman, Calmind, MohtasaUnique, Smowy
Leaders : Keith52
Tag : _DT
Founded : May 2008

Dragon Team is an old clan revived. It was brought despite an abundance of good players due to internal conflicts. This time around we're not taking any chances. More information can be found at the clan's official website.

Ordered by Skill: Members:

  • Keith52
  • Matrix
  • Pig
  • Natsuhiboshi
  • Pianoman
  • Baseline Security
  • Keemo
  • DeathsRHM
  • DrDre
  • Aspire
  • Fredrick
  • Danzence
  • Suleiman
  • Calmind
  • MohtasaUnique
  • Smowy

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