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Mana Required : 1,750
Shots : 2
Range : 8
Duration : 5 seconds
Incantation : Lakaii
This is probably the most widely-used destruction spell. Most people rush with it on levels like Face Off. Earthquake will create... well, earthquakes, in the ground that will sink huts or break them. Lava is also created within the fault, thus killing any hapless tribesman who falls in.

An earthquake or an "eq" as its known in the gaming world for short is a spell which causes devastation and land changing effect. Only on land does this spell cause damage unlike its bigger brother the volcano.

It can damage in a wide range and spills lava killing any who touch it. To avoid death by the eq's lava simply cast the blast spell until you land on safe ground. This can also be done by blasting your men out of the lava.

In high land this spell is not as devestating where as Lava is concerned. Instead, if an EQ is cast on high land in a village. It can cause a huge dent in the land making it very hard to move around. This can cause more damage to buildings if cast upon them.

Other damaging effects by the EQ is water openings. Sometimes usually on low land, when an EQ is cast water is created from the craters which are made in the spell. This can cause people to drown and even make buildings submerge!

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