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Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 2
Stone Heads : 1
Vault of Knowledges : 0
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Hard

Starting Speech

"The Dakini have trapped me in this magical prison and I cannot escape. I must command my followers to free me or we are all doomed."


Your shaman starts off in a Prison heavily guarded by Chumara troops, behind that is a small Chumara settlement. Your followers start on a small tropical island with already built huts.

When the time reaches zero and you have not rescued your shaman, the Chumara shaman will cast lightning on your her and you will lose the level.

Enemy tribes: Chumara

Worship Objects:

Item Shots Spell/Effect Follower Count
Obelisk 1 Volcano


First send a few braves to build at least three boats. Meanwhile train five warriors, five preachers, five firewarriors and five spies. When your boats are finished load them so that each boat has five of the same type of follower.

Now burn every Chumara Guard Tower using your spies so that their firewarriors do not have so much range to kill your own people.

When their done send your followers in a way so that your firewarriors and warriors kill the enemy preachers and your own preachers convert the enemy troops. Use your spies and warriors to destroy the Prison to rescue your shaman.

When your shaman is free the timer will go and you can use your shaman to worship the obelisk to gain a volcano. Now send your shaman up the hill to cast a Volcano on the Chumara settlement. When it has errupted, most of the Chumara followers should be dead. Now you can kill all the remaining people that are left.

"You" Tribe's strategy

First, send braves to go to the temple. Then send a few other braves to make boats. Once you've made the boats and trained preachers, send the preachers to the boats then sail to the Chumara Tribe. There'll be small islands with towers on them and firewarriors will shoot at you, but do not mind. Quickly jump out of the boats then send some preachers to convert warriors and others to attack enemy preachers. Defend your preachers converting warriors. Once you've converted some, send the warriors to attack the firewarriors in the two towers just in front of the Prison. Send one warrior and another to attack them, while the others attack the prison. They will destroy the prison and your Shaman will be freed. Do not bother to attack the enemies (one is because they have Magical Shield), just immediately go and worship the obelisk. Then you'll get the Volcano spell. Cast the spell at the center of the enemy's village and it will destroy the Chumara. If there are some more enemies surviving, convert or destroy them to win the game.

An alternative strategy is to dismantle one of the huts you start with, preferably the one between the boat house and the warrior hut, and build a balloon hut there instead. Meanwhile, train four spies and send them in two balloons over to burn all the guard towers - this strategy is somewhat faster in the actual burning, but can be hard to manage since you simultaneously need to train warriors, firewarriors and preachers and build boats, but it is possible with some extra tries.


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