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Level 01: "Straight Course 1"
Level 04: "Field Course 1"
Level 09: "Hell Course 3"
Level 12: "Multi Course 3"

Populous: Mini Golf is a Populous 3 single player campaign with 25 original levels created by user:Divinity ( Popre Divinity ) on April 2020. It took him about 2 days to complete this campaign. The player must use his golf club to hit the ball(s) into the holes. Saving in between levels is allowed, but it is considered cheating saving in between ball strikes. All the levels are really small, but can be difficult.


Populous: Mini Golf

Made by: Divinity

Difficulty: easy to hard


This is not a regular campaign. It has 25 small levels (golf courses), and custom music, sounds, and sprites.


The player should restart every time the ball is lost on the ocean, or bad strikes happen (making the level impossible). It is important to save in between levels, but never in between ball strikes, as it is considered cheating on this mod.

The objective of the course is to lead the golf ball(s) into the hole(s), using the available golf strikes. Some levels have more obstacles, timers, and other situations.

List of levels

Populous: Mini Golf Levels

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