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(Block Format)
(Block Format)
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=== Block Format ===
=== Block Format ===
     UInt16 flags
     UInt16 Flags
     Int16 NumFaces
     Int16 NumFaces
     Int16 NumPoints
     Int16 NumPoints

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Object data is split into 54 bytes each block contains these parameters.

Block Format

    UInt16	Flags
    Int16	NumFaces
    Int16	NumPoints
    SByte	BucketOffSet
    SByte	SeqNum
    Int32	EditorScale
    Int32	StartFace
    UInt32	EndFace
    UInt32	StartPoint
    UInt32	EndPoint
    Int16	ScaledMinsX
    Int16	ScaledMinsY
    Int16	ScaledMinsZ
    Int16	ScaledMaxsX
    Int16	ScaledMaxsY
    Int16	ScaledMaxsZ
    SByte	ShapeIdx1
    SByte	ShapeIdx2
    SByte	ShapeIdx3
    SByte	ShapeIdx4
    Int16	ScaledOffSetsX
    Int16	ScaledOffSetsY
    Int16	ScaledOffSetsZ