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PopCY menu screen

    Populous: Challenge Yourself is a Populous 3 single player campaign with 25 original levels created by user:Divinity ( Popre Divinity with the help of Kosjak scripting. It has not yet been released to public, but it's 99% finished and is a ultra hard Populous mode, only recommended to experienced Populous players (probably the hardest Populous mod avaliable). It covers many of the known Populous skills, tricks, bugs and glicthes. You will need to use everything you know about Populous in order to complete the levels. You think you are a Populous master? Why don't you try this single player mod, and play all those 25 challenges?


Populous: Challenge Yourself Made by: Divinity & Kosjak Difficulty: ultra hard

WARNING: this single player is not recommended to newbies or players that are not familiar with high level of populous mechanics and knowledge. WARNING: this single player is different from the others - most levels are not like the "traditional populous levels" where your tribe fight against the others. This planets are way more complex, you have to "beat the level", finding the best possible way to do it, and do it as fast as you can. So, unlike the traditional populous levels with big wars and lots of spells, in this levels you will have to complete simple (or very complex) tasks in small (or sometimes big) maps and kill the enemy tribes (most times they have only a few units to kill) before the time runs out. This said, this maps are highly difficult challenges, not normal populous level that you are used to, so you might not like it (but maybe give it a try anyway).

Storyline and Objective: Reach the 25th level, and be gifted the Staff of the Gods. You are sent to a distant solar system with 25 planets (25 challenges). Every single planet has one (or more) ways to be finished, but most of the times it's not obvious how to deal with the planet. You need to think on the best way to finish the level, before the time runs out. Every single challenge will test you, and your objective is to reach the level 25, where you will be rewarded.

So, this solar system will have 25 levels to test your diverse skills: -General skill (populous mechanics and the usage of all populous tools in your range) -Knowlegde skill (this single player requires great knowledge and explores most of the known tricks, bugs, glitches and tactics) -Speed skill (not only the levels are not easy, but in most of them you will have to make sure you do it in time)

.Everything is valid (except for cheating. In this single player you will have to use most of the tricks, bugs, glitches and tactics you can think of, or else the map can be impossible to be finished)

.Usage of the menu (the save and load game will be your friends in this single player. As some levels are extremly hard, saving every once in a while will surely help. Pausing can also help you alot in some situations)

.Do not cheat (byrne or other hacks, popedit changes or edit the scripts, or any other cheating progrmms)

.Try not to skip levels (don't use the "all levels save game" to have acess to every level. Try your best to finish every level, one by one. This single player is intended to be hard, so don't give up at the first times)

.Latest patches (1.03) are reccomendable

Be wise (this maps are intended to be very hard, to challenge you and test your skills, so you will probably never win them at the very first tries. Also, Populous: Challenge Yourself is not intended to be fully played in a row, not only the levels are hard, some are big, some will take you time to discover the way to the end. Play it when you feel like, step by step, and make a break when you are getting bored (specially because you can't find what you need to do to win a certain level - so try again later). However, if you are totally stuck in a level for too many time, not knowing how to solve it, ask in the forums - maybe someone knows.

It's recommended to: 1- Watch the map (watch every detail on the map, pay attention to it, study every detail, some maps are complex, but some are easier than it looks) 2- Play the map relaxed (play the level not in a hurry, don't watch the time, play it just to see what happens, to study it, and to learn what you will have to do) 3- Try to win (after knowing what you have to do on this speciffic level, start playing it more seriously. Find the best moving routes, and try to finish the level before you run out of time)

(Avaliable complete walkthrough may be released in the next months)

PopCY team

user:Divinity - General idea, level's creator, menu title, planets and mouse editor, PopCY tester.

Kosjak - Main scripting, file's editing, some level's textures.

KingofSpies - PopCY's menu background.

Download PopCY at: (not yet avaliable)

Good luck!

List of levels

Populous: Challenge Yourself Levels

1- The Shaman's Test

2- Dangerously Close

3- Valar Morghulis

4- Riddle of the Cunnning

5- Panic Isle

6- Backward Path

7- Fire Sacrifice

8- Tribelysk

9- Wrong Decisions

10- Pyrophobia

11- Extinction

12- The Ancient Puzzle

13- Bonus

14- The Tale of the Depths

15- Under Pressure

16- Deadly Marathon

17- A Taste of Power

18- A Shadow in the Night

19- Forbidden Planet

20- Trinity Force

21- Madness

22- The Eagle's Nest Curse

23- Poseidon's Rage

24- The Legendary Maze

25- The Staff of the Gods