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Populous Resurrection was created by Wildman Productions. The matchmaker has many features for customising the game such as editing game constants and the colours of the tribes.


Warg started Wildman Productions around the last year. Then after unhappy chat with The Gabber, Warg started up his own matchmaker that the Wildman Productions staff got involved in. The first matchmaker was made by Doktor but discontinued after a while. Then Koen came in at the last minute to make the Second Matchmaker which was released.


Warg made a lot of the graphics and decided how the matchmaker should look. Koen then made the engine and a beta working matchmaker that was released. Warg and Koen then both programmed more of it with additional add-ins by TedTycoon. Many of their beta testers also had a great help sneaking out bugs in the matchmaker.

The Site

You can visit the site here. The site tells you lots about Resurrection and has a user page on it where you can log in, submit mappacks and clan stuff. The site also has a mini forum that you can use.


The matchmaker has many features like:

-In-Client Ping Checker: See what your ping is before entering the game from the hut menu
-Auto-Update client upon startup
-Automated mappack installation
-3D map previewer with tribe, tree, and stone head placemarks
-interface font changing
-full skinning support
-integrated game repair utility
-integrated resolution changer
-send file to other users
-shaman helper program
-enhanced leagues table
-Intelligent Ranking: Winning against better players earns more points.
-Option for Unranked "Friendly" Games.
-active viewing of leagues table from client
-Tribe Customizer: Change your tribe to Any color.
-Control the constant values. Speed, Spell Range, Spell Cost, Mana, Mana from Huts, Wood, etc.
-Load Modpacks with mappacks.
-Game Crash Recovery: resume a game at a later time.
-Multiple Chat Rooms that can be custom made and password protected.
-Server Based Populous Installer on start-up. 
        -Can install the full working game if you don't have it.
        -Choose where to install.
        -Option to not overwrite files.
        -Installs fully patched.
        -On a cable connection takes no more than 15 minutes.

Plans to add a Server Based File Checker is in the works. If a file is damaged or missing, the matchmaker will be able to repair by downloading just the files it needs instead of requiring players to reinstall. Plans to add a save game feature is also in the works.

New features are being added all the time.

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