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A shaman reincarnating

Reincarnation, in Populous is a term used to describe the rebirth of your shaman. In Populous, if the shaman is killed, but she has followers who have survived, she will be reincarnated at her Reincarnation Site (if one exists). For multiplayer levels where the shaman starts the game trapped in a prison, the shaman will start in the same location as the destroyed prison, regardless of what is built on the location.

In the process of reincarnating, the shaman expels a ring of magic around her that expands to the edges of the reincarnation site. This ring will burn all wood in its range, and irritates enemy followers in the same way as Swarm. The land around will also be flattened to the same height as the shaman, and created if it is under water.

The shaman reincarnates after:

- 38 seconds under almost any case.

- 28 seconds if she died on water AND no tribe got the mana for it.

Special cases:

In some levels, the shaman reincarnates instantly (this mostly happens in multiplayer blast/light wars levels).

In some levels, the shaman reincarnates after a different amount of seconds (not instantly nor after 28/38 seconds. This happens mostly in multiplayer blast/light wars levels, when error occurs and she reincarnates random seconds after she dies. It also happens in the "community Campaign" level 21, where the shaman reincarnates after 60 seconds, as she is under a curse).

Religious Reference

The concept of Reincarnation comes from many polytheistic religions throughout the world. The two most commonly known religions containing the term are Hinduism and Buddhism. The terms reincarnation means "rebirth," in which a person who has died is reborn into a new caste based on their karma from their previous life. The cycle of birth, life, and death is called Samsara. Samsara only ends when the individual has reached the stage of Nirvana.

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