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Populous: Strange Journey is a Populous 3 single player campaign with 12 original levels, created by user:Divinity in 2020. It is heavily modded (new/modified sounds, images, objects, textures, sprites, gameplay styles, etc). This campaign has a heavy focus on the story line, having 3 cut-scene levels (where there is no game play, but story only). On this campaign, the player encounters the magenta tribe (new beta tribe) for the first time in single player.


Populous: Strange Journey

Made by: Divinity

Difficulty: Average to Very Hard



17 years ago, in a far away galaxy, a group of explorers, led by Kanza Pavel, stumbled upon an ancient vault containing a magical artifact. Moved by curiosity, greed, and perhaps, by a persuasive aura radiating from within the relic, Pavel decided to touch it...

Two Difficulties!

easier/harder (still, both are on the hard spectrum)

Original scripted levels!

12 levels to play, with some unique mechanics and gameplay, sidequests and strange features

Detailed storyline!

narrator, dialogs, ancient books scattered across the levels, cut scenes and story-only levels

New Visuals!

original textures, new/modified scenery, objects and sprites

Custom incantations!

the game has custom background image and music, and your enemy has custom spell incantations

New tribe!

you are facing a single new threat - the magenta tribe, but you might find more through the journey

A touch of evil!

you be will facing magical curses, following krakens, preventing demons from rising, and be attacked by the metamorphic stages of the magenta shaman


In this campaign you won't unlock spells as you move through the planets (somewhat random). The player faces only 1 tribe (for the most part) - the magenta tribe. Optional sidequests are to be found sometimes.

PopSJ team

user:Divinity - General idea, Levels creator, Textures, Scripting, Storyline, Design/Graphics, levels tester.

List of levels

Populous: Strange Journey

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