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Over the years, several Populous tournaments were created and hosted on Populous: Reincarnated. A brief sample of some major tournaments over the past years:

Competition First Second Third Forth
2006 Pressure Point Keith52 Genesis 3/4 Dash/Black_Widow // Supertribe
2007 God of Pressure Point Genesis Storm Orange
2007 God of Craters Ragnj Mentix Storm
2008 King of Craters Tundar Keith52 Snipe
2008 Shaman Skills Cup SubZero Storm Fury
2009 God of Gods Nefarius Addiction Keith52
2011 God of Gods Nefarius Ragnj Keith52
2011 Craters Nici Keith52 Powerof3
2012 Shamans Skill Cup Nefarius Kontera Macca
2013 Blast Skills Cup Nici Pain Arbrim
2013 God of Face Off Nici Keith52 Fury
2014 Electric Nights IceT+Lucas Unknown+Vegeta Weed+Chyrela
2015 Two on Two Summer Cup Nici Skylo Keith52 Sharingan
2015 God of Gods Nici Ttamylno IceT/Karma
2016 God of Craters Nici Mentix Keith52
2v2 Showdown: The Beginning (2 teams only) Nici+Luke Shadow (prev Mentix) + Keith52
2017 King of Face Off Obscura Nici Candide/MooresMurder
PopTB League (2 teams) Nici+Luke Babo+RassierApparat
2017 King of Pressure Point Nici Meph Mentix
2017 Master of the Arena Divinity Ven0m Vegeta Mahmut
2018 God of Gods Nici Spinnifix Babo
Populous 20th Anniversary Nici Babo Mirage
2019 $150 Tournament by Leaf Nici ($100) Meph ($50)
2020 Quarantine Tournament Nici Babo Keith52 Ph0enix
2020 0.015 (~$150) Bitcoin Tournament Nici (0.005BTC) Mahmut1661 (0.005BTC) RBWilson // Keith52 (0.005BTC/2)
2020 Giving Tournament The Tundras (3-2) Team Clean Sweep (2-3)
2021 Beta Tournament Nici (100£) Babo (50£) Loothill (25£)
2021 Invisible Cup Nici (350£) Loothill (250£) Nefarius (150£)
2021 God of ToT Nici Babo Nefarius Keith52
Showdown: Battle of 6 Shamans (2 teams) Nici + Babo + Ragnj (3-2) Keith52 + Loothill + Tundar (2-3)