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== Multiverse Launcher Help ==
== Multiverse Launcher Help ==
=== I cannot run it. There is always the error "GameProcess not found" or "0xc0000022".===
<span style="color:#d12f19"><big>'''1: I cannot run it. There is always the error "GameProcess not found" or "0xc0000022".'''</big>
Here are some things you can try:
Here are some things you can try:

1. Inside your Populous folder, find the executable named "popTB", right click on it and select "Properties". Now, on the "Compatibility" tab make sure "Compatibility mode" is NOT checked.
# Enable [ DirectPlay]
# Inside your Populous folder, find the executable named "popTB", right click on it and select "Properties". Now, on the "Compatibility" tab make sure "Compatibility mode" is NOT checked.
2. Same steps as 1, but make sure "Run this program as an administrator" is NOT checked.
# Same steps as 2, but make sure "Run this program as an administrator" is NOT checked.
# Open the launcher as administrator.
3. Open the launcher as administrator.
# Install patch 1.03 from PopRe's download section.
# Ensure the launcher is actually located inside your Populous folder.
4. Install patch 1.03 from PopRe's download section.
5. Ensure the launcher is actually located inside your Populous folder.</span>

== Tools ==
== Tools ==

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Here, you can find the solution to some common problems. They are under 5 different categories. At the bottom, you can also find some useful tools.

Social Media:

Matchmaker Help

How to enable BETA?

Read for a tutorial.

I don't have a CD or can't buy the game. What should i do?

We agree it's better to buy the game. If you can't find it on a store, you can buy on some sites like (a virtual copy of the game). If you don't want to buy the game, you can get the Populous multiplayer essentials, which will allow you to play online for free. Check the downloads page for that ( ).

I downloaded the multiplayer essentials but all the levels in singleplayer are the same

Multiplayer Essentials allows the user to play all the multiplayer levels - but not single-player!

I have the game installed. What should i do next, in order to play online?

Download and install the recent patch. ( ). Note that recent installations have the patch included already.

I have the game and the patch installed, what now?

Register and download the matchmaker (you can register after downloading the matchmaker and opening it). After that, Login and connect. You are now able to join a online match. On the left of the matchmaker you see many rows of huts. You can click to join one, as long as it is empty. As you can see, they are divided in 4 huts, and the top one is different (more to the left), meaning it's the host hut (the 'captain' of the game. He will launch the game when all players are on the 3 bottom huts, and he will pick the restrictions, and all players connect to him, so the latency will be low, normal or high, depending on the host distance and internet quality).

I Can´t join a hut!

Install populous. If it is installed, go to the matchmaker's settings, making sure the directory is right.

I Can't host!

Open your router ports (this process might differ depending on which router you are using). Go on your router page and forward port 7575 UDP (also open in your firewall). Test on the matchmaker options, under Populous Network options (port test). Check this thread for hosting related help

I can't host or get hosted by all or most players!

Forward port 7575 UDP and making sure there is an exception for the Matchmaker in your firewall. Type "!forward" in the matchmaker for further help.

I can't spectate games!

First of, you can only spectate if both you and one of the players in that game have spectators enabled (options - populous options).

Second thing, you can only click to spectate if the players are still in pre-game lobby (after they launch).

Finally, sometimes you click spectate but it simply does not work (could happen, could mean you did not connect to the player. Close Populous loading and try again, maybe try on another player).

What other matchmaker commands are there?

There are many status you can set for your nickname, on the matchmaker, such as '!brb' '!afk' '!away' '!eating' '!zzz' '!sleeping' and others (type '!back' or join a hut to remove the status. After some time,or if computer sleeps, your status is automatically set to 'away'. You can customize a status message by typing '!away type your message here'. You can open your matchmaker directory '!dir' or a Populous directory '!pop', create sound alerts '!bell' or '!ilikebells' ('!idontlikebells' to remove it). Change the opacity of the matchmaker (between 0 and 255) '!setopacity x' (x is the number). You can also get ip forwarding help '!forward'. There are other commands, like '!cheat' over and over again, to switch between cheat on and off.

All the commands (start with !):

clear, setopacity, langsave, lang, reloadskin, forward, restore, update, revert, pop, dir, cheat, ilikebells, bell, hehehe, setip, pvt:, join, part, disablechat, joinhut, hutlist, playerlist, launch, startgame, closegame, popchat, back, away, busy, brb,afk, eating, school, sleeping, atwork, bot, sendlog, set, beta

I just submitted a level to the "test maps", but i can't find it!

Go on MODS, *test map, and hit refresh. After that, you level must be on the top. If you still can't find it, hit and your level should be on the top. Look for its ID, and type the ID on the matchmaker box, under "test map".

I want to lower the matchmaker volume, but no one has messaged me yet and i can't find it in the volume mixer

On the matchmaker, type "!bell". You will get a sound alert, and now you can find the matchmaker's icon in the volume mixer.

How do i create my own maps?

There are more than one tools for that, the most known being Populous World Editor, programmed by ALACN. You can open existing levels, create new or change old ones. Also helps in opening script or language files, if you have experience. You can create and test/play levels offline or online. Check some tutorials on map making here

I want to test the game, but i instantly win when i launch the game alone

Launching yourself is usually enough to test most things, such as the graphics, colors, or simply if you can launch. If you want to test in more detail, ask someone to join your hut, or join someone. In last resort, start a singleplayer game.

I'm trying to get launched, or launch a game, and get the 'map pack: ok' info, but there is no launching box!

Make sure you have the complete game installed! You could have missing files or different files (if you installed a singleplayer with different constants or other files, this could happen). Try to uninstall and make a clean installation of the game again. If you can't find the complete version (you can get it on GoG), ask someone over the matchmaker or discord.

I want to play 1vs1 with my friend, but we have no one to host us

Use a hostbot. Hostbots will host 1vs1 games. All you have to do is join a hut, and private message a hostbot with the message "host". After he hosted your hut, and both players are there, send him any private message. This can be either "'start', 'pp', 'cr', 'fo', 'rank', 'unrank', 'maps', '<color name>'". pp, cr, fo are the avaliable levels. Other hostbost might have other levels avaliable. rank and unrank, depending if you want the game to be rated or not rated to the populous leagues. You can type "maps" and see the list of the levels available, then message him the map you want to play. you can type "yellow" or "red", depending on what color you want. When you are ready, type "start" and he will launch. In the pre game lobby, when both players click in ready, the game starts.

How can i play with cheats online?

You can't (unless you type '!cheat' and enable it).

I can't log in the matchmaker. It says 'problems with server'!

Unless the server is down, try to download the latest matchmaker version ( ).

I have a family member or a friend that wants to play Populous online on the same network, but i don't want to get banned

Contact the PopRE admins ( ). It's faster if you log in on the matchmaker and private message an admin or moderator ( admins are nicknames with Chumara or Dakini shaman icon ). Contacting them on PopRe's discord is usually faster.

How do i get a higher rank on the matchmaker?

Everyone starts as wildman rank (the lowest grade. The order is wildman<brave<spy<warrior<preacher<firewarrior<shaman. Matak, Dakini and Chumara shaman icons are special, only for mappack checkers, moderators and administrators). You will only get a different rank than wildman after playing 10 ranked matches! (this does not mean 10 games. The games must not be set to unranked, and must be longer than 8 minutes, and also must not crash, go out of sync, etc. After 10 ranked games, logout and login, and you will have a different icon rank. Now, winning and losing matches will change you grade. Check ranking faq for more information ( ).

I was almost winning a game and the game crashed and i did not earn points!

Log in PopRE website, and get on that game page. Click the triangle 'dispute game'. If accepted, you could get your points when points are recalculated (usually once every week).

Where can i learn more about Populous, or the community?

You have a lot to read about in the ( ) official page. There are way more pages, such as:

How do i watch my profile settings?

Go to ( ) and, after your login, aim to FORUMS and then, on the left, 'User Control Panel'. You now can switch between the 5 tabs of your profile panel.

How to use the matchmaker?

Read a tutorial here

In Game Help

Why won't Populous run with Windows XP/Vista/7?

Populous was made for Windows 98, but that doesn't mean you can't use it. Make sure you have the latest patches downloaded, and possibly download a full install. Changing the installation directory of Populous to somewhere outside of the standard Program Files (such as your Documents folder) will help immensely, but if it is installed in the default location, running it as admin will work best.

What are all these boxes and fuzzy graphics in D3D mode?

This is usually a problem with your graphics card. Try downloading all the latest drivers from the manufacturer, and change all the appearance settings to max in the advanced display window. The "Fix texture" option in the matchmaker may help for online play.

Why does my mouse lag or flicker when I play in D3D mode?

This is a problem with your graphics card's mouse framerate. The matchmaker option "Fix Mouse" will solve this issue.

How can I fix the messed up colors?

Press [Scroll Lock] to refresh the color palette. Sometimes this key is found on another key (possibly a picture of a lock with an arrow). If you can't find your scroll lock key, it's a good idea to bind it to another key so you can use it. Alt-tabbing or adjusting the gamma can also fix the colors. Another option is installing the DxWnd, which will probably resolve this issue. The matchmaker can automatically set this up for you in multiplayer. Watch this topic to learn more ( ).

I want to play offline, but when i start the game, it sounds like it is running, and then stops

You should try to reinstall the game. After that, if it still does not work, install from another site. If you got the game from a good site, but still not working, it could be a problem with your video card.

whenever I run populous it comes up with the error 'd3ddpop3w is not responding!

Make sure to have a good version of the game, and use the Software version (avoid hardware mode if you are windows 8 or higher).

When i get launched, the game does not cover all the screen

Firstly, use DxWnd. If you are using it already, open DxWnd (you can find it in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Populous Reincarnated\Matchmaker usually, or type "!dir" on the matchmaker and go up a level. Once opened, click 'modify' on the Populous mode you are using (most likely Populous Software), and at the bottom, make sure the X and Y values are set to 0, and the W and H values are set to your monitor's resolution.

Populous opens in a small box, with black boxes on the outsides, or, when i open the game, it's all black, but as the cursor goes, it gets better, but i can't click!

Make sure both your computer and DxWnd (from Populous) resolutions are the same. Change Computer resolution under 'screen resolution', and DxWnd Populous by right clicking the Populous mode and by clicking 'modify'. Then, the X and Y should be set to '0' and the W and H to your screen resolution.

When playing offline with DxWnd, the game freezes (no mouse cursor)

Run the game as administrator, and try alt-tabbing to switch programs, and do it again to get back in. If does not work, try re-installing the game or instal from another site.

For some reason i can't launch myself alone. It says 'mapack ok', 'ranked game', etc, but there is no loading box and nothing happens

If it seems there is no problem at all (you have populous installed, updated mm version, etc) try to let someone else host and launch you. You should get launched to pre-game lobby. Now you can go back and host yourself alone. It should work.

There is no music, even if I choose to turn music on!

The game (multiplayer essentials) is packaged with the higher-quality sound files removed. You can change quality on the sound settings menu, inside the game. Also check that game is not muted in the volume mixer. If the music still isn't playing then try install the games from a different source.

When i get into a game, the landscape textures and sprite colours get messed up. Changing the resolution doesn't seem to help.

Try to run the game as admin. If that won't help it, before getting launched into Populous, right click your desktop and click "Screen resolution". Keep that window open and go on and get launched into the game and play. If that still does not work, once you get launched, alt-tab from the game, press ctl+shift+esc (open the task manager) and go to 'processes' to find 'explorer.exe'. Right click it and press 'end task'. (To get the task bar and stuff back, get back to the task manager, click 'files', click 'new task' and type 'explorer.exe'.

How do i install a populous mod? I want a new challenge, new levels!

Read for a tutorial. You have to download the mod (usually includes 2 files 'levels' and 'language', but sometimes more). Now, place the files you downloaded in your populous directory. It will ask to replace, and you say 'yes,to all'. After seconds, the job is done, and the files are replaced. You now have a new populous mod to play. Check for avaliable mods and guide to instal them on this link ( ).

When the map loads after the menus or after the game setup screen, Populous is crashing

This is typically caused by using a resolution incompatible with your screen. Try setting the resolution ahead of the time either in the Matchmaker (Settings -> Populous -> Graphics -> Screen Resolution) for multiplayer or the in game Options for single player.

Beta Help

What is BETA?

A team has been working on patching some bugs in Populous and generally bringing it up to date. The new patch is at a point where most of the bugs have been worked out. Every now and then, a new updated beta version is released. Beta also allows new script engines, 8 tribes, and much more!

How to enable BETA on the matchmaker?

Simply type !beta on the matchmaker chat. Then, go to settings, and, over the POPULOUS tab, select beta instead of 1.03. Read this guide

What's new?

Basically, many glitches/bugs are fixed. Team efforts were made to bring 4 more tribes to the game! They are cyan, magenta, black and orange! It is possible to play as, or against this new colors either online or offline, by using BETA. Track the most recent released on popre and discord:

COOP vs AI (cooperative mode)?

Yes! Since later stages of BETA, this has been possible (only 1 mappack existed for this though "Two vs AI: The Beginning"). Later on, and since the introduction of the 4 new tribes, a new COOP vs AI mappack has been released "War of the Gods" (blue+red (humans) teamworking through an online campaign, in levels using up to 8 tribes!) Read for a guide.

Populous World Editor Help

How do i test a level that i created, online?

After saving the level, on popedit, go on ( ), and under the category, select 'single map'. Select the file (2 files that were created after you saved your level from popedit - .hdr and .dat). Put each on the right file place. The .ver file is not needed. Click submit and after some seconds, go on the matchmaker, under 'test maps' and hit refresh. You level will show on the top. You can now play it. Test maps are always unranked. If it gives any error when starting the level, open popedit and look for errors.

How do i test a level that i created, offline?

Save the level, on popedit, into your Populous directory, under 'levels', replacing it by one of the 25 levels. Now open Populous and play the level on which you placed your map. Watch for a tutorial.

Populous crashes when i'm testing a level offline!

Sometimes you just placed too many objects, or too few. Make sure all triggers are linked, and avoid placing objects on the range of a shaman reincarnated site. Also, check the GENERAL-HEADER for wrong values. Make sure you type the right number of tribes, and their AI value is good (122 is a good value for testing, as AI will not move). Also make sure if you put 'number of players=2", only blue and red tribe are on the map. Also, make sure at least 1 unit of that tribe is placed on the level. You can also have only blue and yellow tribes, but set the number of players to 3 (even tough red is not there). For green and blue, set number of player to 4.

When testing a level i made, Populous won't even load

Once again, check the GENERAL-HEADER for AI values. Make sure the number of players and AI values are correct. It's possible that the AI value that the level is using does not exist on "levels" folder (eg.: you use 78 and 79 on AI values for this level. On you "levels" folder, you must own the files "cpattr078" and "cpattr079" (.dat attribute files), as well as the files "cpscr078" and "cpscr079" (.dat script files).

The AI is too weak. They almost never attack me on this level i made

Unless you know how to script, you will have to use one of bullfrog's script for the AI (level 24 is 53,54,55 for the red, yellow and green tribes AI numbers. It's usually the strongest).

Why is ghost army not working offline?

You can place ghost army giving stone heads, or ghost army as a spell, but it will only work online, unless you use external programs.

What will not work on my level, online?

Vaults of knowledge, script and language files, and god mode (unless if players enable cheating on the matchmaker, by typing '!cheat'. Any unit that belongs to any tribe will be converted into a wildman as the game starts. Any stone head that gives units will not work, only in BETA.

Why are triggers and stone heads so complicated?

True, it's one of the hardest thing out there, but you can do lots of things with it. Try opening existing levels and learn what makes the stone heads and triggers be activated! Also, read this and other guides ( , ).

I want to learn how to script my own level!

Read for a guide. It's not an easy task if you have no programming experience. The best you can do is open existing scripts and try to understand what makes them work. Also, read this guide ( ). Finally, a video tutorial for Populous Scripting 101 is also available at

Can i play against the AI online?

Yes, since 2019 this is possible. Just enable BETA and play one of the COOP vs AI mappacks (either alone, or with a friend!) The two only map packs that are vs AI are "Two vs AI" and "War of the Gods". Read for help.

Multiverse Launcher Help

I cannot run it. There is always the error "GameProcess not found" or "0xc0000022".

Here are some things you can try:

  1. Enable DirectPlay
  2. Inside your Populous folder, find the executable named "popTB", right click on it and select "Properties". Now, on the "Compatibility" tab make sure "Compatibility mode" is NOT checked.
  3. Same steps as 2, but make sure "Run this program as an administrator" is NOT checked.
  4. Open the launcher as administrator.
  5. Install patch 1.03 from PopRe's download section.
  6. Ensure the launcher is actually located inside your Populous folder.


1: PopRe downloads:

2: Hardware patch for newer operating systems: (Place these files in your install directory)

3: DirectX 9 runtime for PopTB Beta

4: Populous Textures (Download/Previews):

5: Single player campaigns & standalone levels:

6: Populous The Beginning resources archive contains most of tools, mods, docs and more. by Taity-Mini

7: Newest Pop World Editor build - Jun26, 2019

8: Multiverse Launcher:

9: Latest Populous Beta Builds:

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