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<big>Download Toxicity's Populous Sprite Editor (v1.4.0) [ Here].</big>
<big>Download Toxicity's Populous Sprite Editor (v1.4.0) [ Here].</big>

[ Source Code]
[ Source Code]

[ Github Repo]
[ Github Repo]

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Populous Sprite Editor

Populous Texture Editor

by Toxicity

Toxicity's Populous Sprite Editor is a program created by Toxicity (2020), and allows the user to import/export Populous sprites.


Open Banks

  • Preview scaled sprites (slider) with nearest-neighbor interpolation.
  • Export sprites as bitmaps (individually or in bulk).
  • View offset, index, width, height and raw data of each sprite.

Create Banks

  • From bitmaps of any width & height.
  • Append or insert to an "existing" bank.
  • Modify original sprites width & height.

Color Palette

  • Preview color palette.
  • Adjustable color key.
  • Export to bitmap format.

Pixel Inspector

Hover over an image and a tooltip will appear showing the highlighted pixel's values:

  • Position (current width & height).
  • RGB values.
  • Index in the color palette.
  • Right click to copy RGB values.

Sprite Editor:

  • 2 color slots (right/left click).
  • Brush mode; paint individual pixels (r/l click).
  • Color pick mode; copy RGB values from highlighted pixel (r/l click).
  • CTRL + Z (undo).
  • CTRL + Y (redo).
  • Key B (brush mode).
  • Key Y (color pick mode).

Sprite Sheet Manager:

  • Generate sheets from frames.
  • Parse & Split sheets to individual frames.


Usage is straight forward. The numbering (names) of the bitmaps is the order they'll be saved in, and any gaps in the numbering isn't a problem as the editor will renumber the files internally. Files that aren't bitmaps or bitmaps with letters in the name will be ignored.

  • Download the latest release. (links at bottom of this page)
  • Ensure pal.dat is located in the same folder as the software.
  • Open a valid bank File -> Open from the game's data folder.
  • Export all sprites within the bank File -> Export Sprites.
  • Open the newly created folder output (editor folder), it should contain all saved sprites.
  • Modify (resolution and/or colors), delete or add new bitmaps.
  • Create a new bank from these bitmaps File -> Create Sprite Bank -> From Images.
  • Replace the original game's sprite bank with the newly created one.

Sprite Sheets

A valid sprite sheet has to abide by the following rules:

  • Sprites can't touch corners or edges; ensure there's a space between of at least 1 pixel.
  • New rows have to be separated by a pink continuous line.
  • Background color has to be cyan. (RGB: 0, 255, 255)
  • Color key color has to be pink. (RGB: 255, 0, 255)
An example of a valid sprite sheet


EasyBMP Library


PopSpriteEditor Copyright © 2020 Toksisitee. This program is distributed under the GNU GPLv3 license. See the LICENSE file for more details.


Download Toxicity's Populous Sprite Editor (v1.4.0) Here.

Source Code

Github Repo

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