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An Unofficial Campaign is a single-player group of levels (usually 25) that make up a playthough of Populous, usually with a storyline. The only difference between an Unofficial Campaign and an official Campaign is the latter was developed by the official Populous team (Bullfrog), while the unofficial is developed by Populous fans.

All Unofficial campaigns utilize The Beginning system (progress through a Solar System) as the level selector, unlike the only Official expansion Undiscovered Worlds (where you can select any of the 12 levels, beven before you completed the previous ones). Even though most campaigns are supposed to be played as one plays the game "Populous", there are some campaigns, such as Mini Games or Countdown Challenge that focus on other elements of the game, such as having only the shaman, or completing tasks using tricks and exploits of Populous.

Most campaigns have 25 levels, with the exception of Devil Worlds (blocks of 8 levels), The Summoning 1 and 2 (5 and 8 levels), Odd Worlds (10 levels) and Katara's Voyage (10 levels). Some campaigns don't have a new storyline, while others do. The same happens with scripts, levels design, textures, constant.dat changes, and other features (such as modifying main menu screen, improving the frame rates, etc). Usually, a campaign is only considered "quite completed" when the only thing that remains from the official game is the map textures (and some even have this part original). This said, a good single-player would consist of:

  • A decent ammount of levels, up to 25
  • Totally original worlds
  • Totally original scripts, used for each world
  • New original level titles, and a compeling storyline using the in-game messages and dialogue boxes

If all the above criteria are used, the campaign is already set up for success, but one can complete it even more:

  • Original custom made textures (land water and sky)
  • Changing the values of the constant.dat file
  • Modifying the main menu title screen image
  • Modifying other elements of the Lang File (such as the main manu selection texts, having new tribes names, game executable name, etc)

There are currently around 20 Unofficial Campaigns ready to be played, and most are either as hard as the original, or harder. Some are still in development. All campaigns have been recorded by user:Divinity on his Youtube Channel Playlists, and can also be downloaded on Divinity's cloud.

How to Instal a Custom Campaign

How to Create a Custom Campaign

Creating a campaign is quite hard, especially if you do it by yourself. You will need to learn how to work with level design program World Editor, hwo to script, how to change Language file, and other things. If you plan or creating a 25 level campaign by yourself, you can expect months of hard work, if not years. To start off, you should head to this tutorial threads.

Basically, search for threads in the following subforum:

List of Unofficial Campaigns

Age of Chaos  • Anniversary  • Another Journey  • Ascension  • Countdown Challenge  • Forge of Fates  • JC Levels  • Katara's Voyage  • Mini Games  • Mini Golf  • Multiverse  • Odd Worlds  • Original Worlds  • Path of the GodChosen  • Race Challenge  • Strange Journey  • The Devil System  • The Order System  • The Rescue  • The Seasons  • The Summoning I  • The Summoning II  • Tikal's Journey  • Tower Defense  • War for Survival  • War of the Gods