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Clarification - the following is a list of terms and their definitions to provide clarity for reading the terms and conditions of this site we - refers to any and all individuals who contribute to the site as well as the people responsible for running the site you - refers to the party or parties who access or otherwise use the information contained on populous wiki terms please read the following information by making the use of any material on the site you automatically state your agreence to the following terms terms of use populous wiki grants you the right to access and use the information posted on this site for your own personal use at no charge you are also granted the right to reproduce this information as long as proper credit is cited to the author s responsible for the editing and submissions of the various articles posted on populous wiki when making a contribution you agree not to post and threatoning abusing sexually-oriented racist slanderous or vulgar content the administration will judge at their own disgretion as to what material is ultimately acceptible for use on this site you may not post any material on the populous wiki which violates any form of legal copyrights by making postings you awknowledge that populous wiki will take ownership of the posting at the moment of submission and has the authority to edit these postings as seen fit whether it be to enforce the terms and conditions or for any other purpose not stated privacy for more information regarding our privacy policy visit the privacy policy page termination of license as a user you may terminate your license by discontinuing use of the site and your account and refraiming from posting any future articles administrators and staff personnel may also terminate your license should seen fit if you violate this agreement after several warnings judged as seen fit by administration your account will be deleted from populous wiki and all privilages revoked conclusions by making use of the site you automatically submit your agreeance to these terms and conditions you also agree to any future amendments of this document.