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The Gather Games were a type of tournament started and hosted by Ragnj. The concept were basically a clan match with five 2on2 games but instead of having two clans battling eachother it was just random players that signed up for the event, both from different clans and clanless.

"this is a brilliant idea. Very impressed. And highly confident it will work." -Keith52

"If you're not going to exclude me from this too, sign me up." -Nefarius

"I wanna join plz" -Yoshikage

"You'll prolly rape me, since I suck nowa days." -Tundar

"it's called mixes in cs actually" -Nerd

"why is this more popular than a world champ. event? Cus Ragnj made?!" -Reptile

"You really don't want to hear the answer to that haha." -Keith52 in response to Reptile's post

First of a signup took place in the official popre thread were players who wanted to take part in the games signed up. After that two teamleaders were chosen, the two teamleaders for the first historical Gather Games were Ahmed and CandyGod (aka Orange_Warrior).

After this it was time for "The pick", the two teamleaders took turns to chose players from the list of signed up. They chose until they had a team of 10, including themselves.

The teams were as follows:

Ahmed team a:










CandyGod team b:










"Hey wasnt that the fun part? Watching the captains chose players away from the left ones. Did they already chicken out at that part doing it hidden in "pvt"? I guess it wasnt even the alternate selection but "discussed" between the team leaders?? lol. boring." -PotatO

"Lol you are so damn dumb! Go back to your elo thread... please." -[Rw]TOWEL in response of PotatO's post

"He's just jealous, coz everyone's dumped ELO. Or maybe that's just a false projection." -keemo

After the teams were created it was time to decide upon who would play on wich level, there were 5 levels to fill for each teamleader; PP, CR, FO, ANP and WoM.

The teams for each level were decided as follows:

Ahmeds team: PP: Keith & Ahmed

CR: Ragnj & Nefarius

FO: Soothsayer & Fidelity

ANP: Drummerdude & Lupus

WoM: Kiyana & Rapid

CandyGods team: PP: CandyGod & Tundar

CR: Captain & Right_Nut

FO: Addiction & Snipe

ANP: Paddy & Keemo

WoM: Shakkazula & Daniel

"Team A is stronger :( And Omfg, I am on crt?" -Captain

"I decided it with almost everyone. Asked them which map they wanted to play etc. But didn't saw u around same goes for snipe, but heard that Addiction and Snipe are a good team on fo so i think he's ok with it." -CandyGod

"guys, i've been at my dad's since last sunday, just got home today, but i'm leaving tomorrow morning alredy, going to the north of portugal, and i'll be back sunday, i'm going there cause of a table tennis tournament, so yeah" -Rapid

"Could of played the FO match about 57 and a half times if Playful didn't have to go to eat each time. :/" -addiction

"Maccas banned again lol" -Lupus

"Ok Craters match is played, me and nef won. GG all and well played." -Ragnj

"Ye, gg. Unfortunately was 1 of my first games after 2 week pouse, but np" -Captain

"0.05 games per day average. Makes 2 3/4 months for the next 4 games to be played and 3 1/3 months overall for a tourney with 5 games." -PotatO

"We restarted this tourney yesterday PotatO, so its 1.0 games per day!" -Ragnj

"leave him be, terato, with your new heart i thought you would be spending your time appreciating the country instead of stressing about a game." -Macca

"kiyana and tsuyoshi > shakka and daniel/ lag" -shakkazulu

After much hassle the Gather Games ended with a clear 3:0 result to team Ahmed.

"Thats 3:0 to Team Ahmed so the Gather Games have a winning team! Gratz to the winners (mostly the ones playing their games) and thanks to everyone that played their games, will be remembered in future tourneys hosted by me." -Ragnj

"wow biggest annihilation since asg beat dt 5-0." -mrbojangles_TN

"Congrats Team AHMED!! 3-2 FTW" -CandyGod

"where'd the 2 pity wins come from?" mrbojangles_TN

"if the last 2 games wil be played once, than the score going to be 4-1 to Ahmed's team, and its still irrelevant 4-1 or 5-0, a suck is a suck, like in football, salty can make a good example for this." -Reptile

Team Ahmed - 3 Team Candy - 0

Winners in bold.

PP - Keith52 & Ahmed VS CandyGod & Captain

CR - Ragnj & Nefarius VS Captain & Right-Nut

FO - Soothsayer & Shinigami VS Addiction & Snipe

ANP - Drummerdude & Lupus VS Paddy & Keemo

WoM - Kiyana & Tsuyoshi VS shakkazulu & Daniel

Quote from the official popre thread:

"Like some of you know I played cs before I went all pop nerd a couple years ago, this idea is inspired by something thats pretty big in the cs community, its called gathers. Theres pretty seldom we get a decent clanmatch going and I think its mainly due to the clans not always having their best at hand, people go inactive and they dont want to put up a b team in such a HUGE (lolkapownt) thing as a populous clan match if theres a chance they might lose. Now "clan" (2on2s, best out of 3 or 5 maps) games are fun to play and one way to do it is using the players available, not recstricting it to only members of a certian clan. Thats why Ill try to sort out a match with two "gather clans", 10 players (to make 5 teams, one on each map) in each if the interests big enough or just 6 (3 maps). Then randomly two team leaders will be picked and they can start chosing between the 20 players available. Coinflip will decide who starts and they then chose players to their team. Team 1 choses first, team 2 choses next, then team 1 again and so on. We tried this out long time ago in asg and it worked pretty well. So I need 20 players to sign up in this thread, dont be afraid to sign up but dont expect to 100% that you will be included since this is for advanced or semi advanced players only. /Ragnj"

Official popre thread: