Gather Games 2

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The second installation of the gather games were played on only 3 maps since there were a big lack of pro player around then. This is taken directly from the popre thread ( ) and shows the lineups, teams and result:

tR 1-0 Tgwow


PP - Keith52 & Orange_warrior (tR) vs (Tgwow) Tundar & Prime

CR - Ragnj & Yoshikage (tR) vs (Tgwow) Nefarius & Soothsayer

FO - Milk_The_Cow & Great_Hentai_King (tR) vs (Tgwow) Reptile & Salim

|The Great Wow - Tgwow|

Tundar (leader) Prime Nefarius Soothsayer Salim Reptile

|Team Ragnarok - tR|

Ragnj (leader) Keith52 Orange_warrior Milk_The_Cow Yoshikage Great_Hentai_King

Signed up ( 19 ):

Ragnj Nefarius Keith52 Salim Reptile Yoshikage IRA Orange_Warrior addiction Saku node Luke94 Soothsayer Tundar Prime Great_Hentai_King

Cut because of inactivity: Hard-wear Blackhawk Tit0