Level Pages

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Level pages are use to describe the level and provide a selection of strategies and hints for it. Each level page must be in the same format, if you're not sure about the format try looking at levels that have already been created to see how they are formatted.


First you start off with the quick summery on the right of the page. This is simply done using this template.

{{Infobox Levels
|Level = [The name of the level]
|Image = [The name of the image - normally an image of the level in progress]
|Mode = [[[Single Player]] or [[Multiplayer]]]
|Players = [Number of players]
|Heads = [Number of [[Stone Head]]s]
|VOK = [Number of [[Vault of Knowledge]]s]
|Ally = [Default allies - E.g. [[A Narrow Passage]] would be 'TVB']
|Difficulty = [Difficulty of level]

After that you have a paragraph or two talking about the level (what mappack it's in, whats special about it, does it use any different features or techniques, who created it?).

If it's a Single Player level you write the heading 'Starting Speech' and under that the exact text that is shown at the start of the level. Make sure it's in quotes and the format is italic.

Now you need the 'Setting' heading. Under that you first have a black of text describing the level (where everything is, the shape of the land, whos where). After that if it's a Single Player level then you write the enemy tribes like this: '''Enemy tribes:''' [[Matak]] After that you have you worship items table, the format is as follows (table extracted from the level Night Falls:

'''Worship Objects:'''

{| cellspacing="3" align="center"
|style="background:#ffdead;"| '''Item'''
|style="background:#ffdead;"| '''Shots'''
|style="background:#ffdead;"| '''Spell/Effect'''
|style="background:#ffdead;"| '''Follower Count'''
| [[Totem Pole]]
| align="center" | 
| [[Landbridge]]
| align="center" | 1
| [[Stone Head]]
| align="center" | 3
| [[Tornado]]
| align="center" | 2
| [[Vault of Knowledge]]
| align="center" | 
| [[Swarm]]
| align="center" | 

And then you have your 'Strategy' heading. This will have all the strategies, hints and tips etc. You can have many sub headings in this.

The last thing you must include is the Level Navigation, this is only needed if it is a official level otherwise you would add your own template which has the levels that are binded with the one your writing about.