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Populous: Tribal Conquest is a fan-based sequel/ tribute to Populous: The Beginning. The game is being created by Wildman Productions.

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Tribal Conquest is going to contain many more units, spells and buildings as well as more gameplay. New spells include Fireball, Whirlpool, Paralyze, Solar Flare, Death Summon, Lightning Storm, Tidal Flood, Shaman Levitation and Blasting Bomb. New buildings are also featured in the game such as Brave Hut, Sea Tower, Mana Lamp, Shaman Teepee, Grand Tower and the Ice Warrior Training Hut. The only new unit thus far is the Ice Warrior, a counter to the Fire Warrior.

The biggest addition is the entirely new graphics system with a high-definition 3D environment allowing close-up zooming. Worlds will also be much larger.

For a complete list of new units, buildings and spells, go to [1] this site.]


Tribal Conquest will double the number of multiplayer places, featuring a maximum eight tribes per world; this necessitates larger worlds. You will be able to play from four perspectives in the Single Player mode, with each perspective corresponding to the Shaman you have selected. Once the player has completed the first 250 levels with their first Shaman, the next Shaman and set of levels will be unlocked. This means that the total number of levels for Single Player currently rests at 1000.

At the main menu there will be six different selections. These include Story Mode, Single Player, Multi-Player, Options, Credits, Quit. Story Mode is the Shaman's story, the one where you can select what perspective to play at. Single Player mode is like Multi-Player, except against Bots (You choose the amount of players, what colour who is and so on). Multi-Player has a selection of LAN and Internet Game (More explained lower this page). Options allows you to choose your Graphics settings, Sound Settings and Gameplay Settings.

Another great feature is that the limit of 200 units per tribe has now been raised. The number is yet to be finalised.

Game Modes

There are three different game modes, as explained above.

Story Mode

"137 years have passed since the great struggle of the Age of Chaos, the Watehei (descendants of the blue tribe of old) peoples have settled their differences with several of the other peoples in their solar system. It is an age of general peace, however, this peace wasn't to last..

On the eve of the millennial ancestral celebration as the sun disappears over the horizon and dusk begins to set, great thunderings are heard in the skies and flashes of brilliant light seen illuminating the distant parts of the galaxy. A great confrontation has broken loose in the realm of the gods, and in the calamity an item of unimaginable power has fallen out of their realm into the realm of the mortals, and made its way streaking across the skies towards the center of the galaxy. Shortly after this event takes place, a new tribe of peoples has appeared at the outer edge of the galaxy seemingly from out of nowhere. Their origins are uncertain, but the signs of the medicine men indicate that their shaman is a former dark god thrown out of the realm of the gods during the recent confrontation.

One evening late as Asahra, the current chosen one as Shaman of the Watehei, meditates in her teepee, a powerful voice thunders through her thoughts; "Asahra, It is I, Shelengah, the first shaman of your peoples to claim the mantle of a God, hear me! A great dissension amongst the gods has resulted in an artifact of great power being loosed upon your lands, and one that was and forever is now seeks its power!"

What is this relic? Who is "one that was and forever is? Asahra inquires after a period of careful thought."

"It is the Progenitor Staff, a staff of infinite mana channeling created by the first shaman and the highest of the Gods. It had been sealed away for millennia until this uprising when it was broken from its enchantments."

and this "one that was and forever is?"

"Her name is Kiia'sh, the perpetuator of this conflict amongst us. In her unsatisfying thirst for even more power she sought to claim the Progenitor Staff for herself and destroy the high Gods. During the clash a mighty surge of energy caused the Progenitor Staff to be broken from its seal and pushed through the void into the mortal realm, and Kiia'sh followed. "Kiia'sh has formed a tribe of corrupt followers now known as the Shadar. Her goal is not just the Progenitor Staff, but to destroy or subjugate all the tribes and peoples within her reach. Some have allied themselves to her with the motive to gain power as well, the more peaceful peoples in the galaxy have grouped or fled in fear of complete annihilation."

"What you're asking of me, it is too much for just myself and the few of us that remain! We aren't the strong warrior peoples of your time.." "Asahra, It is imperative that you once again amass the might of the Watehei, our greatness still flows through your veins and the veins of your people. You will not be alone in this struggle, I suspect that some of the old tribes still exist and remember the might of the Watehei and will rally behind you. Kiia'sh and her supporters must not be allowed to claim the Progenitor Staff, go now and prepare your people, you must act with haste!"

Shaman, it is up to you now to re-awaken the kindered spirit of the Watehei and save the innocent peoples and stop the dark powers of the Shadar from consuming you and your lands, and prevent the ultimate tribal conquest.." (Quoted from the Tribal Conquest site. You can see the original text here.

Skirmish Mode

Single Player Skirmish Mode is for custom games that have standard objectives and no story. You can cutomize the game in lots of ways just like Multiplayer on Populous 3. It also has a random map creator.

Multi-Player Mode

Multiplayer Mode is much the same as single player skirmish mode but with human players aswell.


Here is a list of the current staff/developers of the game:

 -King_Warg (Project Leader and 3D Modeler)
 -Koen (Programming and Webmaster)
 -MadMan (Programmer)
 -TedTycoon (Programmer and Map Creator)
 -Dalisene (3D Modeler, Map Creator and Music Designer)
 -Mark Knight (Music Designer)
 -BlackWarrior (2D Artist)
 -Funnyjunk (Sponsor and Webhost)

If you wish to join the Tribal Conquest team, please email either King_Warg ( or Koen ( There is more discussion about it at the Tribal Conquest Forums.