Populous 4: The Tribes' Revenge

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The "Populous: The Tribes' Revenge" project was born on May 30, 2008 from the "Gio512 Team" as Populous: The Beginning sequel. It's also called "Populous 4: The Tribes Revenge". You can follow the forum thread HERE. The project did not get finished.

It's name

"Populous 4: The Tribes' Revenge"'s name was choiced from over one year ago and it hadn't copied the "Populous: The Dakini's Revenge" project.

The Story

In this 4th episode of Populous all rivals tribes Chumara, Matak and Dakini want to turn back the Blue God into a Shaman and exterminate she and her followers. Will they succeed in their misson and get their revenge? All is to discover...