The Devil System

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Level 28: "Eternal Rain of Fire"
Level 05: "The Lights of Darkness"
Level 10: "Forging Alliances"

Populous: The Devil System is a Populous 3 single player campaign consisting of 1 chapter with 28 original levels, created by the Devil brothers (user:Dezsike, user:Devilhu), and some later levels by user:Impboy. The campaign offers a difficulty curve, and spells/buildings unlock as the levels progress. The first half of the campaign is mostly on mud/grassy planets, while the second half is set on ice planets (with the last 4 being on shattered planet). With 28 levels to play at a very intermediate level, it is currently the longest campaign. This campaign has been ported and released on the Multiverse Launcher in 2021.


Populous: The Devil System

Made by: Dezsike, Devilhu, Impboy

Difficulty: Easy to Hard


Not so long ago since the chosen acolyte become the new Shaman, the god gave her a challenge. Her well known enemies sent out explorer teams across the galaxy to find out how can they use their divine powers as they wish. They reached a huge solar system where once the ancient God Kikikini lived. It's up to your tribe to follow them and conquer the solar system before they find Kikikini and become too powerful for you to destroy.

PopFoF team

user:Dezsike - Scripting, story, porting

user:Devilhu - Scripting, story, textures

user:Impboy - Scripting, story, textures

List of levels

Populous: The Devil System


Download PopTDS at:

- Divinity cloud. It's called "Populous: The Devil System".

- (using the Multiverse Launcher program)


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