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EA Player. (Danzence)

Real Age: 18 B:(1/1/1990)

Started playing online mid-2001.

Enjoyed PS version since release, until purchase of PC version.

Username history:

2001 until Pop:RE started - Danzence

Until 2004 - Evil Warrior

Then deleted Evil Warrior account to start up again with 0 points.

2004 - present: Started afresh as Nexus.

Clan History:

TDM (2002 - end of 2003)

RW (sometime between)

SS (early 2005)

RVN (end of 2006 - beginning 2007)

(approximate dates of clan time)

Current Projects:

Populous Sound Editor

Map Generator

Previous Projects

Pressure Point {Scripted} (Can find the latest version of this on my site here

Script Generator (download here)



Skilled Populous Scripter

Nexus' Website