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The Autobiography of....RuthlesSpy

The player...The person...Who is the "RuthlesSpy"....This wiki will present to the reader the captivating and single view of the man, the mystery...The RuthlesSpy

The Beginning..."The Nub"

After purchasing Sim City 3000, he noticed a strange and fascinating demo found in the depth, Populous: The Beginning. After viewing the final credits to the game, and thorouglly enjoying the games "simple" levels, he saw that the game was out! It was near Christmas of 1998 and he received a copy of the game as a present. Unearthing the depths of the game, he noticed there was something "new" about this game...Multiplayer. He never imagined playing this game with other people from around the world! But for some strange reason, he was never good at the game compared to the rest of the "bullies" in the old days of EA/Bullfrog Pop:TB Lobby in '99. His first username was "mail22". To the author it seemed a very good choice. Playing on 56k and occassionally playing online, he was just a regular ole' player. The lobby crashes and soon to be perpetual downage of the EA/Bullfrog lobbies told him to depart from this game and venture off into other games like, Rainbow6: Rouge Spear and the newly discovered joy of other First-Person Shooters.

The "2nd" Wave..."The Huh?"

Feeling the urge to play Pop:TB again, online, he ventured back to the lobby, in the middle of 2000, only to find the place riddened to what seemed at first, a new face. New players, new "launchers", new tactics...He returned with enthusiasim but pondered exactly what his username and password was. He saw that he could register another name.....He chose, RuthlesSpy. Knowing full well that it was spelled incorrectly, he assumed the other players would realize the easy flow of RuthlesSpy then RuthlessSpy which added an unescessary S and made the name longer and unappealing.

The creation of RuthlesSpy also had to do with his favorite follower, the spy. One day he was encountered with the opportunity to join a newly founded clan, Team Nashua. After performing well in a game of Pressure Point with Challengeme3, at the time, 2nd (or was it 3rd in command...) of TN, he was quickly sent a link to register up. Thinking it was a good thing, he sent in an application, and was accepted, almost immediately.

The "3rd" Wave..."The Longest Years, TN Years"...

Contributing thenceforth, soley for the pursuit of the clan, he signed on as RuthlesSpy with the Spy rank and boasted of his Team Nashuaism. If thats the word....He contributed to the TN forums and was now more recognized in the Pop. Lobbies. AS fate would have it, he encountered TheGabber, who was trying something new, which essentially was "Sand Worlds" for Pop:TB...A new set of muliplayer maps. He Beta tested it and soon became well known to TheGabber. 2001, New maps were rolling out, but sad news was alooming, the EA/BULLFROG lobbies would soon be discontinued. Rampant talk soon filled the fledgling community as to what would happen to this game. Many dissapeared while others looked optomistic for the future.

The EA Lobbies soon was exstinguished, and a temporary time of about 1-2months, there was no "lobby" to play Pop. Some used the MP: IP connectivity, while others used the MSN ZONE IP lobbies to get games...Other used a new service called "Gamespy Arcade" to play Pop:TB....RuthlesSpy...He decided to wait for the "NewWorlds" Client...promised to be twice as better then the EA Lobbies.

RuthlesSpy was pleased when it was released, and continued playing once again. He was an active member of the lobby and of Populous Reincarnated forums (the revamped name of NewWorlds) from 2002 onwards, till present days. He was well known, but slowly lost intrest in the game and soon stopped playing all together and sticked around for the chatting and company. Late 2004, he got cable broadband. On Sun May 15, 2005 he was made MODERATOR of the Populous Reincarnated forums. He was now recognized now as moderator, TN member, and Beta Tester. It all came to an end for TN a couple months later, apprx. July, but it was inevitable, as his intrest in TN wained ever since an incedent in '04 with the clan. He recieved ridicule from TN members, but he didnt care.

The "4th" Wave....Present TDM...

He went solo from thenceforthe till around early December 2005, when he recieved an invitation from Walhallah to join TDM...Many other TDM members soon proposed the same invitation to RuthlesSpy.....He accepted it and became a TDM member...........


Can usually be found bumming around the Populous Reincarnated forum or Matchmaker. If you need to contact him immediately or for emergencies they are... AOL: SushiX21788 Y!Messanger: RuthlesSpy MSN: Email: