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What are clans?

Ever since its creation Populous has had a history of clans that come and go. Clans are typically a group of players who band together in their own community. Some clans are based on common attributes of the members (such as [ [Froggies] ], which is a French based clan), while others are based on the skill or personality of the players. Whatever the force that brings the members of a clan together, they are great places to get to know other players and improve your gameplay. Sometimes we even get tournaments between clans (though those are rare).

How do clans work?

Anyone can start his own clan, or join an existing one. You must be registered on Popre and aim the popre clans section. There, you will be shown the list of currently active clans, being the top one the oldest and the bottom one the newer clan, chronologically. If you wish to join one of the clans, click on it and view its information, and the clan's webpage, because most of the times will need to write an application form on the clan's page before you can get in. Don't forget not all the clans work the same way. Some clans aim for the skill of the players, some for the attitude, and some for both of those aspects. Some clans will only accept players from a certain country, and some will automatically reject your application if you can't speak english. Depending on what you are looking for, you should decide the clan you want to be in, and work to be accepted - or stay clanless, as many choose.

Creating your own clan

If none of the existing clans fit your personality, or if you have the urge to start your own Populous clan, why not create one from the scratch? Firstly, on the popre clans section, on the left side you have three related pages: Clan list, Clan leagues (where you can check both the monthly Clan's league table and the Overall clan league table), and finally the one you are looking for: Create clan. Don't forget, be sure to read all instructions before creating your clan! Make sure you have a valid email address in your profile too. A clan also needs a website, or it probably will not be accepted. After you create the clan, you need to know you can not rule it alone. A clan is a group of players, so you need to recruit at least 5 players to get the clan accepted (and a good website). After you've done everything, a group of 10 active players will be randomly selected to vote on the acceptance of your clan (in case they reject, the reasons why so are given, so you can improve the next time you try to create a clan). From the 10 people with clan duty, you need to get at least 5 YES votes for your clan to get accepted and be moved to the clan list.

Clan related facts

Team Nashua is the oldest Populous clan alive (Popre TN).

Gods of Destruction leads the all time clans league (Popre GoD), all time clans point table (All time clans point table).

The clan with the most members is The Chiefs, with 44 members (Popre Chf).

Almost 900 clans have been made (most failing, and many dying after a while), but only 20 remain alive these days.