Team Nashua

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Team Nashua
Team Nashua
Members : C3, Incawarrior, The_Swarm, Kurtangle, lukestorm, Sonic, VL, Akari, Mounty, JET, Chase, Soul_Taker, DotALove, Hope, Naruto, MTK, applebule
Leaders : C3, Incawarrior, The_Swarm
Tag : _TN
Founded : September 2001


Team Nashua is a Populous: The Beginning clan formed in September, 2001. Team Nashua is the oldest active Populous clan, containing many original Populous: Reincarnated members and former players from the Electronic Arts matchmaking system. Team Nashua released a mappack in October of 2010, entitled "Team Nashua Worlds." Players interested in applying or seeking more information should visit the clan's official website.

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