Fate Worlds

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{{#if:A Narrow Passage||Level 01: A Narrow Passage}} {{#if:Trees of Life||Level 02: Trees of Life}} {{#if:Holy Land||Level 03: Holy Land}} {{#if:Khick Chess||Level 04: Khick Chess}} {{#if:Continental Division||Level 05: Continental Division}} {{#if:Teleporting Islands||Level 06: Teleporting Islands}} {{#if:Trapped in Heaven||Level 07: Trapped in Heaven}} {{#if:Volcano Blitz||Level 08: Volcano Blitz}} {{#if:Double Face Off||Level 09: Double Face Off}} {{#if:Double the Trouble||Level 10: Double the Trouble}} {{#if:||Level 11: [[{{{Level11}}}]]}} {{#if:||Level 12: [[{{{Level12}}}]]}} {{#if:||Level 13: [[{{{Level13}}}]]}} {{#if:||Level 14: [[{{{Level14}}}]]}} {{#if:||Level 15: [[{{{Level15}}}]]}} {{#if:||Level 16: [[{{{Level16}}}]]}}
Fate Worlds
Fate Worlds
Fate Worlds
Creators : Khickman & RedWarrior
Modifications : None
Number of Levels : 10

New Worlds 16(1) Fate Worlds is a multiplayer mappack created by Khickman, RedWarrior and WolfWarrior. It consists of 10 maps, and it is played a decent ammount of times (used to be more popular before The Great Worlds and Asgard Worlds 1 and 2). All the maps are supposed to be played as teams (2v2), and usually offer a decent sized base size for every player. In some maps there is a control point (such as a hill on the middle), while in others the strategy is more diversified. Backdoor and sidedoor is possible in about half the maps of the mappack. Most levels offer big terrain and trees, and a teamwork component. A Narrow Passage, Continental Division and Teleporting Islands are the most famous and most played levels of this mappack.

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