Symmetry Worlds

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Symmetry Worlds
Symmetry Worlds
Symmetry Worlds
Creators : TedTycoon
Modifications : None
Number of Levels : 10

Symmetry Worlds is a mappack created by TedTycoon right after he released the symmetry tool. The maps are Single Player levels mirrored in different ways to give four indenticle sections. One of the maps that was popular was Fair Face Off, a new version of Face Off but where each player has the same amount of land. This level was done by mirroring Sliced Beetle (2 player version) into 4 pieces.

The mappack is known for every level being 100% symetric.

Updated Version

There were a few bugs in symmetry worlds due to the bugs in the Symmetry Tool. An updated version was released containing these fixes. Unfortunetly the mappack was never uploaded replacing the old one.

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