God Mode

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God Mode on level 25 (notice there is no shaman avatar, and no range on the spell swamp

God Mode is a setting determined in the level's Header File. When God Mode is enabled, the shaman is removed from the map and can cast spells anywhere (her range is unlimited). God mode can be enabled via in-game cheats through the O menu by enabling Human-Shaman Omnipresence.

In Single Player, when God Mode is enabled, only the Human Player will have unlimited range. Level 25, The Beginning, is the only official Single Player level to actually make use of this setting.

In Multiplayer this setting effects all players, meaning everyone has unlimited range.


  • You can create an extremely long causeway which can be used to destroy buildings or create land by casting Landbridge as close to the border of the horizon (on the side of the land) as you can get. The bridge will be formed from the bottom center of the screen to where you clicked. Moving the camera back can even provide a little more length to the bridge.
  • You can rush enemies early on by casting Convert on the wildmen near their base.
  • The spells take longer to travel if the camera is further to the cast point. This means that if the player casts a lightning (on god mode) on a moving unit, if the camera is right near him, the lightning will be almost instant to reach the location - but it will take more time if the camera is not that close. This is crucial for spells that require aiming, such as blast or lightning, and can be hard getting used to, as the player is used to the static range of spells (and thus the spell duration outcome). Basically, the camera is where the shaman "would be", when it comes to casting spells.