Guard Post

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Guard Post
Wood : 0
Area : 1 X 1

A Guard Post allows you to guard and patrol areas of your settlement and the surrounding area. They do not require wood to build, can be placed anywhere and any Follower can be commanded to use them. To use a Guard Post, first place one down on the landscape and select some of your Followers. Then left-click on the Guard Post and your Followers will run to it and circle it. You can also set down more than one Guard Post and tell your Followers to move between them, thus creating a patrol. Place down two more Guard Posts and select your Followers. Then hold down Ctrl and left-click on each Guard Post in turn, stopping on the last one. Your Followers will now run between all the Guard Posts and return to the first when the last is reached. You can perform even more complex actions using Guard Posts.

If you hold down Ctrl and send one or more of your Followers to a Guard Post and then set them some more actions, such as chopping down a tree, they will only go to the Guard Post. When you are ready, you can press the n key, your Followers will stop guarding and perform their next commands; in this case, chopping down a tree. This allows you to synchronize your Followers and perform many tasks at once, all triggered at once by pressing the n key.

Guard Posts are invisible to all players beside the owner. To remove a Guard Post, hold down Shift and right-click on it.

Holding down Ctrl and Alt and left clicking will perform the same actions without the need to place the guard post.

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