Magical Prison

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Wood : N/A
Area : 3 X 3


Magical Prisons are the only stone structures in the game. Though prisons can take damage and be destroyed, they share a lot of attributes with stone heads in that they cannot be set on fire and will not be submerged if the land beneath them is sunk. A Shaman can be trapped in a Magical Prison only if placed there at the start of the game. While within a prison, a Shaman cannot be selected or cast any spells. A shaman freed from a prison will continue to Reincarnate in the location of the prison for the rest of the game.

Magical Prisons can also exist without a shaman inside, in which case they act like walls as seen in other games like the popular Age of Empires series.


In the single player version of the game the player's Shaman is trapped in a Chumara tribe prison in Level 15: Incarcerated. The player will also find thier shaman trapped in the Undiscovered Worlds Level Prisons where the player and the Dakini tribes have their shaman imprisoned.

Prisons do not appear in any of the official Bullfrog multiplayer levels, but can be found in many player created levels such as NW 10: Adventure Worlds. Since they were not designed for multiple players, there is a bug where casting lightning while another shaman is trapped in a prison will cause the game to resynchronize (in single player level Incarcerated, the enemy casts lightning on the prison to kill the player's shaman and effectively end the game).

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