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Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 2
Stone Heads : 1
Vault of Knowledges : 0
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Diabolical

Prisons is the eighth singleplayer level of the Undiscovered Worlds expansion pack. It is a unique level where both teams have their shaman imprisoned by the enemy. The Dakini tribe will make all efforts to free their shaman who, once free, will walk back to her settlement and kill the player's shaman, ending the game.

Starting Speech

"Be careful shaman. In this world you will not be able to rely on your own divine power. Command your followers wisely and free yourself from the enemy camp, yet do not neglect defence to stop the Dakini from doing the same."



To not lose this level you have to build up your defenses quickly. Slam down your training huts first and Preachers!! Preachers!! Preachers!! Preachers!! You must have lots of them so you can convert the enemy force. Get your Firewarriors on high ground so that they fling any enemy Preachers.

This is the sort of defence you need!

Make sure you are prepared for attacks around that area; they go for the back as well and up the hill.


Next you need to defend the side with the hill. They only attack this more strongly further into the game. Bring a Spy to catch the enemy ones.

Early defended hill.

and of course the middle, this should not be too hard as the other two defences can lightly hold the area from advances. If enemy Firewarriors are attacking your Braves send a small army after them.


Don't try to attack the Dakini through their main entrance; the enemy towers will hold your followers off long enough for other defenders to arrive. Instead, build a Boat House and send 2 or more boats full of Warriors and Preachers around the island to land on the Dakini's reincarnation site. From there you can attack the prison and free your shaman. Once the shaman is safely out of the Dakini settlement, you can attack it from outside with your shaman supporting your army.

Other Notes

Remember, if the Dakini Shaman escapes then you have a very small amount of time to rescue your own Shaman before she gets a Lightning bolt through her.

The Dakini Shaman can reincarnate but yours cannot!

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