Fire In The Mist

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Fire In The Mist
Fire In The Mist
Mode : Singleplayer
Players : 2
Stone Heads : 3
Vault of Knowledges : 1
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Medium

Continental Divide is the 9th level in Populous The Beginning, where the player unlocks the Boat_Hut. It also introduces the Fog_of_War.

Starting Speech

"I am troubled... my visions are strangely clouded. I feel a powerful spell nearby that will aid me in our battle against the Chumara, yet it lies across the water. I sense our Enemy have Boats and will use them to attack us. I must seize their Boats, find this spell and destroy them."


Enemy tribes: Chumara

Worship Objects:

Item Shots Spell/Effect Follower Count
Stone Head 2 Tornado 4
Stone Head 1 Earthquake 4
Stone Head 1 Volcano 5
Totem Pole Landbridge 1
Vault of Knowledge Boat Hut



This is the first world with Fog of War. The Fog will cover most of the planet until blue sends followers to explore that area. After that, the Fog is lifted and the player will be able to see whatever is going in the areas that he has explored. Both the player and the Chumara are on this very long island, on opposite sides, but there are some easy spots to shorten the way and connecting by using Landbridge. The island has many wildmen, trees, and some stone heads. The Chumara attacks the player by boat, and might even cast the powerful spell volcano! The boat vault of knowledge is guarded on the back of the Chumara's settlement.


The land on this planet takes the form of a long strip running south- southwest and north-northeast. Your tribe starts at one end of the strip, and the Chumara at the other end. Because the strip of land wraps itself around the entire planet, the Chumara settlement is actually to the southwest of your settlement, but unless you take a shortcut by boat or Landbridge you’ll have to trek all the way across the planet to get to them.

Begin as usual with building huts and Converting Wildmen. Grab three Braves and have them follow your Shaman while she scouts out through the [[Fog of War]] looking for more Wildmen. You’ll find the Tornado Stone Head southwest of your settlement near the coast in the Fog surrounded by trees. Even if you can’t see it, you’ll be able to hear it when you get close to it on the map screen. After getting the spell, continue south and you’ll find the Earthquake Stone Head at the top of a high hill leading towards the Chumara settlement.

The Totem Pole across the water will open a Landbridge between the Chumara section and yours, and the Chumara worship it almost immediately after the level begins. There’s really nothing you can do to stop them, so just build up your settlement and place your defenses where they seem appropriate. The first Chumara attack will be by land with the Shaman attacking with a few followers from the south. A well placed Lightning spell can eliminate the attackers and some warriors and preachers can be of use if your spells fail. Because the enemy now has boats, and they will use them, you have to change your defensive strategy after the first attack. They will raid your settlement with a few boatloads of followers from that point, but well placed Preachers near your Reincarnation Site should keep them from doing too much damage. The real threat in this level is the Chumara Shaman, who can use both Tornado and Volcano. A solution is to establish a perimeter of Guard Towers around the north, northwest and northeast parts of your settlement and staff them with Firewarriors. Place the Towers so the firing ranges of the Firewarriors overlap. When a boat come by, your sentries will attack, and as they move out of range of one Tower, they’ll come into range of another. This way you can knock out the enemy from their boats and kill them before they even step foot on your settlement. Be sure to have Preachers and Warriors nearby in case a few do make a landing.

Once you kill a raiding party from a boat, you can now steal the Chumara’s boats. Just order one or more of your followers to enter the boat and it’ll be yours, at least until the enemy finds it empty and takes it back. Be warned, unattended boats will sink after a while, though boats with at least one follower in them do not sink.

Once you have a boat, put your Shaman in it and head for the small island with the Volcano Stone Head. At the start of the level there will be plenty of Wildmen here to Convert, but if you get here later they may have all died off, so take some Braves with you to worship the Stone Head. The Chumara will send a party to attack your worshippers if you wait too long, so be prepared for that possibility.

Once you have Volcano and a boat, you can head over to the Chumara settlement to destroy it. You can also grab the Boat Hut from the Vault of Knowledge at the southern tip of their settlement. A well placed Volcano, along with Tornado and Earthquake can severely damage the Chumara, allowing you to take your army and wipe them out. Because of the Fog of War and the fact that they like to stick Braves in boats, you may have a little difficulty hunting down the last follower to end the level, but keep looking and he’ll be found. Keep your followers away when you cast Volcano because even though the effects do not harm your Shaman, the volcano will harm your followers.

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