Pressure Point

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Pressure Point
Pressure Point
Pressure Point
Mode : Multiplayer
Players : 4
Stone Heads : 1
Vault of Knowledges : 0
Alliances : N/A
Difficulty : Hard

Pressure Point is identical to the Single Player level, Middle Ground. However most players do not worship the Stone Head which grants you Armageddon unlike the computer players do in Single Player. This is a level which goes in depth on defending with towers. You each start with a good shaped, bunky base with many wildies spread over the terrain. Earthquakes will shape the land heavily but it will take many earthquakes to sink it down to water as the land is so high. It is one of the most played online levels, and praised for its difficulty, being regarded as one of the most skilled levels to play.


Each player starts off on a large, high base which is has three paths coming out. Two paths lead to the two opposite bases and the middle path leads to a patch of land in the centre which has a Stone Head on several steps of land. The level is croweded with masses of wildmen and has quite a generic landscape.

Worship Objects:

Item Shots Spell/Effect Follower Count
Stone Head 1 Armageddon 6

Starting Off

Start of the Level

A basic strategy to starting off is: As soon as the match starts convert largest group of wildmen then send ten braves to firewarrior hut plan. Your shaman should be done making her Reincarnation Site pillars, so imediatly move her to the strip between you and your closest enemy. While she is moving lay tower plans across that strip and send braves to it (1 per tower plan). Make two converts on the strip. Then convert all the wildmen on the strip to the middle, make a line of towers down this strip on the side where your enemy faces until you reach the middle. Lay one tower plan on the first step of the middle. (1 brave to each plan). Your Fire Warrior Hut should be ready, train six firewarriors and use them to fill the towers from front to back on each strip. Convert some of the strip to your ally but leave some for your ally. Lay hut plans when you have idle braves, (five braves per hut). Convert all the wildies around your base until you have a population of 40 or over. Charge Earthquake and Ghost Army then send ghosts to take firewarriors out of the towers. Keep warriors ready and keep repairing your defense with firewarriors and landbridges, try not to waste earthquakes on towers and instead use them on huts and hills at the enemy base, use tornadoes/warriors to destory lone towers. Keep the pressure with warriors and move you defense closer to the enemy base.


Remember on Pressure Point, If you don't have the upper hand, then camping is ok. Wait until your huts upgrade and etc, until your population is decent again, and you have a few troops to spare. Always repair attacks on your defense and keep a steady number of firewarriors on hand to refill those towers. Braves also serve as a good defense because they stall for time and can push shamans into the water along with extra pushes from a firewarrior. If you don't even want to waste as much as a brave, patrol some ghosts, although braves work better as ghosts can still stall for time if they are in quantity. Rebuilding your towers/building new towers is a major thing to do when it comes to defending. If needed, cast landbridge(s) to create better land, or to fix the path. When focusing on defense, keep an eye on everyone's shaman and troops, so you can warn your ally about an eventual attack/double, or be warned that they will attack you instead. Even though the best defense is the attack, if you are very weak in defense, and clearly behind in population, don't make risky attacks that can kill your shaman, else the enemy will use that in their advantage and might hurt you after your shaman dies.


Attacking is very important on Pressure Point, because if you're not attacking, you're not causing damage! That goes for almost all levels, though.

Attacking is the best defense. Make sure to grow your population so you can have good mana, and good ammount of troops to use. Earthquake is the most used spell on this level when it comes to damage. It breaks land (requiring landbriges from the enemy), creates damaged land (can't build on), and destroys buildings (denying defense and huts). Tornados are a bit less costy, but will grant to destroy one building (even though the wood is spread and that building (usually a tower) can be rebuilt somewhere else fast again. Other offensive spells include swarm, blast, ghost army, firestorm and lightning.

When attacking, make sure you know what's going on around the world. Take a quick look at your ally, your non direct opponent, and your direct one (and their shamans and troops). If everything is ok, you can attack. Cast ghost armies and swarms to reach further with your spells, and to try to make your shaman survive (don't forget, if you attack and die while attacking, the enemy will get mana and will attack you easily just right after). When attacking, as you destroy the enemy defenses, expand territory with your own (towers), so the enemy is forces to waste resources further away than your core. Don't forget about troops, you can use warriors in tons of different ways, so be smart about them (not understimating enemy firewarriors in hills/towers). When you can reach the enemy base, its better to cast earthquake on their base than on their defense (usually). If needed, double someone with your ally, but always paying attention to the consequences that might come up with that. Keep corrupting your opponent's land with earthquakes, tornados and warriors, until you reach their base, so you can start killing their population, getting control of the game.


Adapting to everything is key to most levels. If people rushes you, you need to adapt somehow. If people double you, build stronger defenses, ask your ally for some help, camp if needed, rebuild as fast as you can, etc.. If you lose control of the middle, either elaborate a plan with your ally to get it back, or be sure to adapt your defenses against attacks from both middle and front. If your ally is dying fast, adapt byeither helping them with troops, or making high risk/high reward plays that can be the only way you win the game. There are countless of things to say in the adapting section, so you get the point: adapt to whatever is happening in the game. Every game is different, expect anything.

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