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Life : 12
Strength : 14
Weak Scale : 6

Warriors are the main attack force of your tribe. Much stronger than braves, they are a lot better for fighting and knocking down buildings. However, they cannot perform menial tasks like chopping wood or building. They are also vulnerable to Preachers who can convert them to the enemy tribe. They also produce a lot less mana than Braves but they generate mana even if they're idle.

Warrior Training Hut


  • Warriors are strong against a small group of firewarriors. If each warrior is assigned to attack each firewarrior that is on guard, the warriors have a good chance at winning.
  • Warriors, when placed in guard towers, can also use the, "Call to arms" ability. This can only be activated when a three-bell alarm is heard, and, when activated, calls all followers in the warrior's site (shown as a blue circle on the world overview) to attack. It can be activated by pressing, 'B'.

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