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Wood is an important resource in Populous. It is used by braves to build structures, Boats, and Balloons. Up to four wood can grow on Trees on a map, though it is possible for super trees with more wood to be placed initially. The wood once collected from a tree can be stacked anywhere on land in the map.

Wood can be stacked in small piles when not on a tree or in use. The number of wood in the pile can be found by hovering the mouse over the pile. Piles are commonly formed by braves bringing wood to huts for upgrades. After a while wood will disappear. Obviously the larger the pile of wood, the bigger a flame will appear when ignited. There is a glitch that makes wood piles not being affected by lava. Only braves can carry wood, and only one wood pile at a time.

Building destroyed by tornado spell will make the wood spread and fall on the ground. Any other way of spell or unit destruction will remove the wood from the game. This includes buildings or wood piles/trees sinking on water. Another way of making wood disappear is to delete a building plan after braves bring the first wood pile into it, and before they build the first building structure.

Along with mana, wood is one of two resources in Populous: The Beginning.

Amount of Wood for buildings

Hut Pieces of Wood
Small Hut 3
Medium Hut 4
Large Hut 5
Guard Tower 5
Training Hut 8
Boat Hut 5
Balloon Hut 11
Boat 4
Balloon 3