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Life : 8
Strength : 3
Weak Scale : 3

Preachers are created by training Braves or any other Follower in the Temple. When Preachers are standing idle, they worship your name and chant passages from your Holy Scriptures. If an Enemy Follower hears them, they will be entranced and will sit and listen to the Preacher praising your name. After a while, without interruption, the Enemy Follower will be Converted to your cause. Preachers will not perform construction tasks and, although you can command them to guard, they will only preach when an Enemy Follower approaches. They are happiest when extolling your word but do not have any effect on the Enemy Shaman or Preachers.

You will first encounter Preachers on the third level of the game amongst the Chumara tribe. The easiest and most ideal way to combat Preachers is to cast a Swarm spell at him, thus causing him to panic and interrupt his preaching. This will allow any of your Tribesmen being Converted by the Preacher to suddenly realise who their real Shaman is and attack the Preacher for heresy. Another good way is to send multiple Preachers and/or your shaman over to attack the enemy Preacher and, the additional Preachers can reconvert any of your Tribesmen he Managed to talk over. The last way is to send firewarriors after him to attack from a distance. Preachers can also see nearby invisible units and will preach them (the invisibility does not fade this way).

Most people don't play with Preachers in multiplayer, you may sometimes find them already built in new mappacks.

The ways to disturb a preacher:

  1. Send a preacher to attack him.
  2. Send your Shaman to attack him.
  3. Cast an offensive spell on him.
  4. Cast a land modifier spell near him.
  5. Send firewarriors to attack him from afar (they cannot be preached from afar)
  6. Mask a spy to the colour of the preacher and send the spy to attack him.
  7. Send a bloodlusted unit against him.

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