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Life : 4
Strength : 3
Weak Scale : 4

Firewarriors are created by training Braves or any other Follower in the Firewarrior Training Hut. These Followers are slower and weaker in hand to hand combat than Warriors. They do, however, have the ability to cast the Blast spell and they can target buildings or the Enemy Followers from a distance. Like Warriors, they will not perform any menial tasks, such as construction, and are best suited to Guarding or Fighting. Give them an advantage by placing them on hills or in towers, balloons or boats.

Always keep in mind that Firewarriors cause Area of Effect (AoE) damage. This means that a group of 30 Warriors can easily be killed (if they are in the same Square) by Firewarriors. The video below shows this effect.


How to use Firewarriors effectively

Firewarriors can be stronger if in groups and all fire at the same time. This can be done by moving them closer to the target and then blasting the target at a close distance. This is used as a more riskier, but more successful way of killing the enemy shaman.

In the videos below you can see the different ways on how to use Firewarriors.

<youtube></youtube> Firewarriors standing in groups vs Warrior - 00:00:07:31 to kill a Warrior

<youtube></youtube> Firewarriors patrolling at one point vs Warrior - 00:00:09:44 to kill a Warrior

<youtube></youtube> Firewarriors standing at one point vs Warrior - 00:00:20:30 to kill a Warrior

<youtube></youtube> Firewarriors patrolling in circles vs Warrior - 00:00:21:03 to kill a Warrior

Patrolling Firewarriors in circles, like in video 4, is usually the most inefficient way to use your Firewarriors, as they sometimes regret to shoot a target in range. Due to this you should always let your Firewarriors patroll on the same point (CTRL+Alt+LMB+LMB), like in video 2. However the most efficient way to use your Firewarriors is to controll them manually and bring them as near to the target as possible (using Shift+LMB).

Using Shift for better Firewarrior usage

You can controll whether your Firewarriors shoot or not, by using Shift+LMB. If you run around with your Firewarriors with Shift + Clicking on the ground, they will ignore any unit and building in their range. This can be very helpful to kill enemy Shamans, like in the videos below.




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