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Mana Required : 100
Shots : 4
Range : 6
Duration : N/A
Incantation : Ta-ka
Blast 1.gif
Blast is probably one of the most widely-used spells in the game. The blast spell can usually kill a follower in one hit unless it is a warrior or Shaman.

You get this spell by worshipping the Vault of Knowledge in the tutorial, but even if you don't play the tutorial, it is available from the beginning in level 1: The Journey Begins.


Blast is a very important spell. It can be used in a number of different ways, some ways are better than others at different times.

First, there is straight on target. If you click on the follower it will do a homing blast on it and bounce forward. You can use this to kill a follower in one go or a group of followers that aren't near water. Because a direct hit throws the enemy forward, it isn't a good idea to directly hit a Shaman walking to your village, as she will be thrown closer to it.

Then there is blasting next to the follower. This will blast it the opposite way of where you blast. This is good to knock a follower or a group of followers into the water. You should also use this to blast a Shaman off a cliff or into the water.

Last is blasting near it but not next to it. It is used on followers and maybe the Shaman from reaching you. If some Firewarriors are going up a hill then blast from a near range and it will stop them from coming up. Keep doing it to kill them.

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