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Mana Required : 10,000
Shots : 1
Range : Infinite
Duration : Depends on Location
Incantation : Enemy Shaman Scream

Teleport is a guest spell which affects only the Shaman. When cast in the unlimited range on a point on the land, the Shaman will Teleport to that point. The teleportation is not instant, but the shaman will travel at the same speed as a Lightning cast. There is a slight dent in the ground created where the Shaman lands, but not significant enough to damage anything built on the land. In fact, buildings will appear to hover above the ground where the teleport hits if the land is high enough. Still, the teleporting shock wave will lower very elevated terrain in the nearby area.

Discovery Speech


Teleport has a few interesting attributes that can be used to the caster's advantage besides just appearing in an enemy settlement. If cast on an empty boat or balloon, the Shaman will land in the vehicle even over water. Very useful for stealing a vehicle to make a quick attack and escape.

Landbridge can be used with Teleport to make very long bridges between points. When landbridge is cast, the spell create a bridge between where the spell lands and the shaman, so if teleport is cast before the landbridge spell reaches the casting point, the bridge will go from the shaman's teleported location back to the point it was cast on. Be warned that the bridge will take the shortest path across the world which is not always the most practical.

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