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Mana Required : 210 000
Shots : 2
Range : 8
Duration : 5 seconds
Incantation : Da-sanko

Erode allows you to accelerate time and weather an area of land as if water were shaping and eroding the rock. Erode is first encountered on Level 7: Unseen Enemy from a Stone Head, it is then claimed for permanent use on Level 12: An Easy Target where the Matak hold it in a Vault of Knowledge. Erode can cause the Enemy's buildings to sink into the water, or make ravines smooth and navigable. It is commonly used to roughen the land causing huts to collapse or sink into the water. It is a lot more expensive to charge than Landbridge so it is commonly used as the enemy can easily use a cheap Landbridge to bridge the gap again. Flatten is an alternative to this it's cheaper, effects a large area and has three shots instead of two but it's still more expensive than Landbridge.

Discovery Speech

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