Wildmen (Spell)

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Mana Required : N/A
Shots : 6
Range : Unknown
Duration : Until Death
Incantation : PSSSH

This spell is only available on Forge World in multiplayer.


In the last 5 or 6 seconds use all your wildman spells inside the reincarnation site and your shaman will maybe convert them all and you will have about 20 - 25 wildmen.

A more usefull tactic is using the hill spell in the middle of your Reincarnation Site and flatten at the top of the hill. Then you have to use the Valley spell two or three times right at the middle of the flattened area. Put your Wildmen in the hole and they cant get out. With this tactic you will have all 25 Wildmen but sometimes it fails too (the wall is not flattend by the shamans reincarnation spell).

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