Reincarnation Site

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A blue reincarnation site.

The Reincarnation Site (abbreviated CoR for Circle of Reincarnation) is your source of power on each world. The stones of the site channel all the Mana gathered from your Followers and you can draw on this power to cast powerful and destructive spells. When you begin a world, a Reincarnation Site will be created and your struggle for supremacy will begin. If the Shaman dies and you have lost all your Followers, the Reincarnation Site will be destroyed and the level will be over. If you die and you still have Followers on the world however, the Shaman will be reincarnated in the Stone Circle. You can't cast spells on an Enemy Reincarnation Site and the only way to destroy one is to defeat the entire Enemy tribe. Your Reincarnation Site can be used as the starting point of a settlement.

On some levels, namely Solo, a reincarnation site may not be present. In such a level, if the shaman is killed, then she will not reincarnate.

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