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Life : 14
Strength : 3
Weak Scale : 5
Special Abilities: Cast Spells
Special Abilities: Reincarnate
Special Abilities: Disturb Preaching

In Populous: The Beginning you play the Shaman, guiding her to the ultimate goal of becoming a deity and gaining god-like omnipotence. If you are killed you will reincarnate at the Reincarnation Site, but only if you have other Followers converted to your faith. If you do not have any Followers on the World, you will die and lose the game. The Shaman will not perform menial tasks. Instead, she is skilled in magic allowing her to cast the Spells available on the Spells Panel. To cast one of these Spells, you have to walk to within range of the target. Each spell has a different range. When you select a spell from the Spells Panel, a mystical force will surround the Shaman indicating the boundaries of the spell's range. You can then left-click within the range to cast the spell. You can also command your Followers to guard the Shaman. Select some of your Followers and press g. Those Followers will then run to the Shaman and surround her, attacking any Enemy who tries to reach her. To stop them guarding, deselect any Followers and press g again. When a Shaman dies, a quarter of her Mana will be taken from her and given to the tribe who killed her. The Shaman is the conduit for your destructive Spells and powers.

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