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During the course of the game you will realize that alot of time and mana is spent on charging spells. Only the Shaman can cast these spells And only within each limited range. You can only have the maximum of 17 (Single Player) or 18 (Multiplayer) spells alltogether.

Guest Spells

There are 3 Guest Spells that can never be charged unless set by Multiplayer restrictions. Also the player can only have use one at a time which fits in the first empty block on the bottom row. However Guest Spells are very powerful which is why they are in very few levels.

Worship Items

Vault of Knowledges

Vaults of knowledge is a place of learning for the shaman. In the singleplayer aspect of the game the shaman will normally worship the vault of knowledge and then enter it to learn a new spell. The spells the shaman recieves from the Vault are permanent and require mana to recharge.

Stone Heads

The spells that are obtained by objects such as Stone Heads, Obelisks and Gargoyles are only temporary. The spells given by these objects are mostly given to the player to aid him in defeating enemy tribes in the game.