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Guest Spells are the least commonly used spells which fit into the bottom left slot in the spells panel. You can have only one type of guest spell at a time and can only be received from Worship Items or in Multiplayer if a guest spell is set.

There are only three guest spells; Bloodlust, Armageddon and Teleport. Bloodlust and Teleport both have available five shots at one time as Armageddon only has one seeing as it ends the game anyway.

In Single Player there are four levels in the solar system which can be played in any order. These levels all contain a guest spell:

16. Bloodlust - Bloodlust
17. Middle Ground - Armageddon
18. Head Hunter - Armageddon
19. Unlikely Allies - Teleport


Bloodlust 1.gif
Main article: Bloodlust (Spell)

Bloodlust is a defensive spell and a offensive spell against your enemies. When cast on followers they turn into very strong fast fighters that cannot be killed by any other follower force until the spell has worn out. It also protects them from Preachers.


Main article: Armageddon

The Armageddon spell makes an arena out of the land in game, deleting all huts and all trees that may be in the arena. The four shamans and all their followers are then transported to the arena and all appear one by one. The shamans, for the only time in the game, have Magical Shield around them and occasionaly cast blast at each other while the followers all fight to the death. The remaining tribe wins and their shaman gets to lightning the other shamans.


Main article: Teleport

The Teleport spell can be used to teleport the Shaman to anywhere on level as the spell range for this is unlimited. When cast, the shaman will be teleported, after a brief delay (depending how far between the two points) to the new location.

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