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Mana Required : 80 000
Shots : 4
Range : 12
Duration : Instant
Incantation : Shoka

Lightning (sometimes referred to as a "Light") is a powerful spell that can set fire to huts or kill any follower in one shot. Due to the range and damage of the spell, it is a good one to use on enemy Guard Towers and shamans. Lightning has a delay between casting and striking relative to the distance cast.

Casting lightning will not do damage to the shaman casting the spell. However, any followers surrounding her will take the full blast. Casting on any building will catch the structure on fire, doing damage of one wood. Casting on any follower will kill that follower unless they are protected by magical shield, or in very close proximity of a follower with magical shield, in which case the spell will bounce off in a random direction.

Because of its range and lethality, lightning is most often used to kill the enemy shaman. The spell is very precise in where it will kill the follower, but it does cause splash damage similar to blasts. This can be used to the caster's advantage to deflect an enemy follower away from the fire of the spell, possibly into water. However, it also has the effect of shooting the enemy shaman forward if cast directly behind her (commonly done when the spell is cast directly on her and she walks forwards).

Similar to blast, lightning has a lesser effect on friendly followers to the caster. The splash damage is reduced, and a direct hit will cause the follower to do a delayed bounce away.

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