Forge World

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Forge World is a extra mode in Multiplayer where each player has the ability to mould the land around your Reincarnation Site for two minutes before the game begins. You get a total of nine land editing spells with five single shots each. Six of these spells are only available through Forge World as the other three can be used in a standard game. If you hold alt down and left-click on the land; the land will be raised by a small amount, the reverse can also be down by holding down alt and right-clicking the land. If god mode is enabled you have an unlimited range for casting your forge spells, players often wreck other player's bases on these occasions.

Forge World Spells

Standard Spells: BurnBlastConvertSwarmInvisibilityMagical ShieldLandbridgeLightningHypnotiseTornadoSwampFlattenEarthquakeErodeFirestormAngel of DeathVolcano
Guest Spells: BloodlustTeleportArmageddon
Multiplayer Spells: Ghost Army
Forge World Spells: FlattenLandbridgeErodeHillValleyRaiseLowerWildmenTrees