Bloodlust (Spell)

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Mana Required : 10,000
Shots : 4
Range : 8
Duration : 2 Minutes
Incantation : Shaman death
Bloodlust 1.gif
Bloodlust is a powerful guest spell that can be cast on up to six followers to give them supercharged powers for a limited time. It is first encountered on level 16:Bloodlust in a stone head.

Effects on Followers

When bloodlust is cast on a follower, they will be supercharged in many ways. All followers will become much faster, much stronger, and much tougher. Firewarriors are also able to shoot fireballs at twice the rate. The speed increase means that followers with bloodlust can run fast enough to attack a preacher before he can lull them into a trance.

Normal attacks on followers will have little effect on the bloodlust followers. One warrior with bloodlust can easily take out 6 normal warriors, and a simple blast will barely cause a dent. A direct hit with lightning will kill these guys, as will knocking them into the water.

An interesting side effect of being extra strong is that an Angel of Death does not kill them when it attacks. The Angel will pick up the follower, but when it spits him him out again, the bloodlust follower will remain alive with some damage taken.

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