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Mana Required : 800 000
Shots : 1
Range : 6
Duration : 13 Seconds
Incantation : Padatanka

Volcano is a offensive spell against your enemies. You recieve Volcano from a Vault of Knowledge on level 21:Fractured Earth. The Volcano spell is sometimes in the Default Multiplayer Restrictions and is a nasty spell when casted on your base.


The range is pretty low, so sometimes its good to be in a Balloon or on high ground. Strike when ready, your Shaman will not be affected so you can stay where ever you are. A huge cone will come up destroying buildings that are close to it. Then release a whole lot of lava around the base.


'Cano Freezing

This only tends to work on high-activity multi-player maps, such as mid-game PP / mana noobet frenzy Fate maps. Once volcano has been casted, wait a couple of seconds and then cast landbridge three times, standing at the back of where the volc will rise. Once diagonally left, then straight across, then diagonally right. If you're lucky, the volcano will stop after rising from the ground - the lava frozen solid.

Fusion Volcano

Charge 4 landbridges and cast volcano spell in the center of the enemy base. Step into the volcano, when the volcano starts to rise cast 4 landbridges to make a cross with volcano in the center. You will have a volcano with 4 hills destroying the land around the volcano.

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