Ghost Army

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*Ghost Army
Mana Required : 180
Shots : 4
Range : 8
Duration : Indefinite
Incantation : Kelate
The ghost army spell creates ghost Followers of your own. These Followers cannot build, go into huts, or sabotage enemy huts, but they can be trained as other followers following the same rules as their non-ghosted counterparts. If they take a direct hit by a blast or get into a fist fight, they will disappear in a puff of smoke.

Ghosts are affected by all offensive spells in the same way as non-ghosted followers with the exception of Tornado, which will not pick up a ghost. They can also be preached, but will die once converted.

  • Usually only available in multiplayer.
  • Can be available in singleplayer by using some programs,by using world editor effects, or by scripting.

Using ghost army


Ghosts can be created by casting either on an existing follower or on an empty space. Casting on a brave or empty space will create six ghost braves. Casting on a trained follower will create three ghosts of the trained follower. Casting on a shaman will create one ghost shaman. When there is a mix of braves/trained followers/shaman, the ghosts will be created of the better follower. Casting ghost army on another ghost has the same effect as casting on a normal follower.


Ghost army can be used effectively when attacking especially on Pressure Point where its a common tool for the shaman. It's often used by casting ghosts in front of towers so that the firewarriors in the towers hit the ghosts instead of the advancing shaman. The ghosts can then be sent to the towers to displace the firewarrior inside, if need be.

Ghosts can also be used against an enemy shaman. Once cast, the ghosts can be sent to the enemy shaman to push her in the water, off a hill or simply to keep her in one place, so that she can be lightninged.


Ghosts can also be used as a defensive measure against enemy Angel of Deaths. If your enemy casts an Angel Of Death, ghosts can be used to patrol in and amongst your base. This is effective because the ghosts distracts the Angel Of Death, helping to prevent your base from being damaged.

To Trick

Ghosts can be used to trick the enemy. If you cast a ghost near your Shaman , then a duplicate ghost Shaman will appear. This can be used to trick your enemy , causing them to defend against the ghost instead of the real Shaman. Ghosts can also be cast near other units such as Firewarriors to create duplicates. This can the be used to fool the enemy Shaman in believing you have a stronger defense.

Counter attack Ghost Army

Ghosts are weak against melee, so the best option would be to cast ghosts yourself then send them to the enemies ghosts, they will counter each other out.

Another method is to use Swarm, however this will not work on shaman ghosts.

Spell Breakdown

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